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Coffee Shop Chats: Interactive Reflection of the Week! {Summer}

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About Coffee Shop Chats:

I love blogging, but sometimes I wish there was a way that I could connect with each of you. Personally. Perhaps over a cup of coffee. 

We could share the highlights of our week, discuss the books we've been reading, what God is doing in our lives, and even share any prayer requests we may have. 

So, I came up with the idea of Coffee Shop Chats.

Instead of my Currently posts, I now post this reflection of the week (or month, or season). You are welcome to participate as well! I want this to be a way to learn more about each of you and how I can pray for you. Maybe this will help you meet other blogger friends as well. =) 

You may post your Coffee Shop Chat whenever you'd like! Just be sure to add your link to the latest Coffee Shop Chat link-up at the end of this post. (That way, we can all interact with one another.)

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. No, you don't have to be a coffee fan to participate. =) 
  2. Add the link to your Coffee Shop Chat post in the latest link-up (which will be listed on the latest Coffee Shop Chat post).
  3. Include the link to this post so your readers can understand the rules.
  4. Before you post, make sure that you comment on at least one other blogger's post. (The point of this is to begin forming relationships and interacting with one another, as if we were in an actual coffee shop. ;) )
  5. Include the below image on your post. 
  6. Be nice and have fun!

How to post: 

  1. Use any of the LISTS PROMPTS located at the end of this post. Feel free to add your own!
  2. Everyone who participates must answer at least 2 questions listed under CONVO STARTERS posted by myself or another participant.
  3. At the end of your post, include 2 - 5 questions/convo starters for your readers to answer as well!
Questions? Let me know! It sounds complicated, but it's actually pretty simple. ;)

What I did this week:

I spent last week at a beach house in FL with my best friend and YA author, Caroline George. It was half vacation, half writer's retreat. (Which pretty much is a vacation, actually!) =) This week, I visited my cousins for our annual Fourth of July celebration. July 4th is like summer's Christmas to me. I love it. If you live in the US, how did you celebrate?

Pictures Taken:

Here are some pics I've taken the past couple months . . .

Looking Forward To:

  • Exciting announcement soon! {Are you signed up for my mailing list? See the end of this post!}
  • The WRITE NOW Teen Writer's workshop I'm teaching with Caroline George next month. =)
  • Going to Disney World in November with another best friend of mine! Okay, I know it's far off. But still. I can't wait.
  • The release of the trailer to the short film I worked on {A Beautiful Life}.
  • Autumn! Seriously, one of my favorite aspects of summer is that it's closer to fall. Can't wait for cool days. Pumpkin-flavored everything. Cinnamon-scented candles. Hours in the writing cave. Changing leaves. Boots and scarves. #AutumnFeverAlways 

Grateful For:

  • Iced lattes from Starbucks. Because when the heat index is 107, a hot latte just isn't satisfying. 
  • Special time spent with with family and friends recently. <3 li="" nbsp="">
  • Summer reading. I read The Moon in More by Sarah Dessen in June, and I'm now reading Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter. 
  • My internship with Hartline Literary Agency. 
  • Gluten-free brownies. Just because.

Books I'm Reading:

Music I'm Enjoying:

  • Country music. (Summer isn't summer without it!)

Scriptures I'm Enjoying:

Time Hop:

This time last year . . . 

A photo posted by tessaemilyhall (@tessaemilyhall) on

A photo posted by tessaemilyhall (@tessaemilyhall) on

A photo posted by tessaemilyhall (@tessaemilyhall) on

On my blog {last summer} . . . 

                     LIST PROMPTS FOR YOU!

What has your week or month {or season} looked like? Post your own coffee shop post! You may include any of the below list prompts. Feel free to add your own as well!

  • What I did this week
  • Pictures taken
  • Drinks I've enjoyed
  • Music I've enjoyed
  • Movies I've enjoyed
  • Food I've enjoyed
  • Grateful for
  • 3 awesome things that happened this week
  • Prayer requests
  • Currently loving
  • Currently working on
  • Currently hoping
  • Books I'm reading
  • Scriptures I'm enjoying
  • Quotes I'm enjoying
  • Looking forward to
  • Flashback Friday


** Each participant MUST answer 2 - 5 convo starters posted by myself or another participant. Make sure to include convo starters for your readers as well!

  1. What's on your summer reading list?
  2. How did you celebrate the Fourth of July?
  3. Do you write more during the summer or take a break?
  4. What do you drink at Starbucks on hot days?
  5. Do you prefer summer or fall? 


Is there a specific Blogger who you'd like to invite to join the conversation? Comment on their blog with the link to this post or your own!

Happy reflecting and chatting! =)

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  1. Good luck on your Write Now workshop, Tessa! That sounds so cool! Ooh, I should give this music a listen; I'm in the mood for trying new things. And gluten free brownies are the best! I think I prefer Fall, because of the "in-between weather" and plaid and trees changing color, etc. But I always seem to want whatever season is not the current season, so... :) Also, congrats on your new novel! That's so exciting! :D

  2. Thank you! Maybe some day I'll host a live virtual workshop for teen writers. ;)

    The bands I mentioned in this post are worship bands. My two favorite genres of music are worship and country music -- which is a very odd combo, haha! But I also love pop-rock and acoustic. Oh, you should listen to Switchfoot's new album! <3 I didn't know of it until after I posted this. Their music is incredible. Perfect writing soundtrack.

    You know, there are so many yummy gluten-free treats. I especially love the gluten, dairy, and egg free cookies I make (yes, I'm allergic to all three!) that use peanut butter and chickpeas as the ingredients. Sounds odd, but they're amazing! And you can eat a ton without feeling too guilty, haha. =p

    Yess. I love the "in-between" weather. I was talking to a friend about that today, actually. Fall isn't too cold, and it's not too hot, either. I live in SC, and it reaches 90 - 100 degrees on average daily. Way too hot to be outside, in my opinion!

    Thank you so much! Hopefully I'll be able to post the back-cover-blurb soon. =)


  3. My summer reading list includes 'The Crown' by Kiera Cass. I've been waiting patiently for the release and now that it's out, I have yet to find it at the library! Can't. wait. to. read!! :)

    My Go-To Starbucks drink is Grande Iced Coffee with non-fat milk and 3 pumps of vanilla. :) I go to the same one every day and the barista's start making it before I get to the counter! Love my Starbucks!! <3

    Now that I've moved to the desert, apparently WINTER is the best time. Never thought I'd say that! Lol. Otherwise, I would've said Spring is my fav. ;)

    1. So funny! You know you’re a coffee-addict when the barista doesn’t have to take your order. Haha =) I love Starbuck’s iced coffees. <3 I live in SC, so I’ve always enjoyed the cold seasons more than spring and summer. If only it could be fall weather year-round. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!


  4. Hi Tessa, A friend of mine found your blog and loved your Coffee Shop Chat idea and invited me to join. It is a neat idea and I will be joining in.
    You are an impressive young lady and I wish you well at the Teen Writing Conference you will be speaking at.

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing your link-up! =)



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