Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to Choose, Develop, & Research a Setting: Part 1

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Setting is far more than the backdrop of a novel. It’s the environment that breathes life into a story. It can paint hues of emotion, provide necessary backstory, enhance characterization, and serve as a tool to unfold significant plot elements.

When a writer prepares to write a book, they should spend just as much time researching and developing a setting as they do with their characters. In fact, setting should be treated with much attention as if it were a character in itself. 

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  1. tessa can you help me with a question I have? It's about my own writing. Should I control my writing? It is always evolving, the settiing keeps changing , and focus characters keep changing , how do I control my writing, and should I try to control my writing? My mind works at a fast pace when I write and whatever I write is never brainstormed, it all just comes out. Thus making it very fast paced and random? Is this good or not? I manage to keep to the plot but I keep twisting my plot and adding new people , letting key characters get killed off by enemies in the book. I have like 5 focus characters...

    1. If you ask me, I think you should let your writing flow! And change is good in a story. Switching it up will keep your readers interested, so I say you just keep just doing what your pen says. I mean, I never make a plot and pre-write it, I just write it when it comes! I think a lot of characters coming and going is interesting. And sometimes, it draws intenseness to your book :) And a lot of focus characters can become overwhelming, but it really depends on your story :)

      Good luck on your stories!

    2. Thanks for giving your advice, Allie!

      Evan, I agree with what she said. Give yourself permission to be flexible in the first draft. Stay within the flow of the story. When you're finished with that first draft, you can then go back and see if the plot structure and character arc is intact. The rewrite draft is when the book usually comes to life, anyway. =)

      Let me know if you have any more questions!



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