Thursday, May 7, 2015

Currently... {Spring 2015}

Sipping On:


  • The new Flat White from Starbucks (and other coffee shops). My new favorite! {Soy with sugar-free hazelnut syrup.} 
  • Americanos from Starbucks. {Soy with sugar-free hazelnut syrup.} 
  • Homemade lattes I've been making with my new milk frother. =) 
  • Eight o'clock coffee using my espresso maker.  


On My Bookshelf: 

On My Playlist:

  • Needtobreathe Live album
  • Mat Kearney
  • Bethel station on Pandora

Praying For:

Taking Pictures Of:

This Time Last Year:

I've recently been enjoying taking a peak into my past through the app, Timehop. This has inspired me to share with you a glimpse of what my life looked like this time in the past ...

On Instagram: 

3 years ago:

My sister and I were getting ready to go to a Needtobreathe concert! =) 

For more pictures from my past, check out my Instagram {and don't forget to follow!}.

On My Blog:
Posts from last spring ...

Looking Forward To:

  • Going to Nashville the end of this month to work on the set of Providence. =) 
  • Visiting my local library the end of this month for a book signing/reading with Caroline.
  • Summer! <3 li="" nbsp="">

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What is it that you're currently reading, listening to, watching, etc.?
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