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**Big News!** + Writing Journey Timeline: Part 3

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** Be sure to stick around to the end of this post for the big news reveal! ** 

It's been a while -- almost three years, in fact -- since I last gave an update on my writing journey in a timeline format. This time, rather than giving a month-by-month display of my writing journey, I've decided to summarize the writing-related highlights of each year that's passed. 

If you missed the previous timelines, be sure to check them out in Part 1 and Part 2. I love to write these updates -- not just because you can witness how I went from teen writer to published author, but also because I can look back and remember each stepping stone that has led me to where I am today. 

{No, this is not my "excuse" to boast! That's never my intent. Every writer has a journey, and that's one thing I love about blogging, the fact that it allows me to document this process.} 


Highlights from this year . . . 

  • I launched Monday's Minute Challenge on my blog
  • I mentored two teens online through my Write Now Teen Creative Writing Mentorship
  • I became friends with Caroline George and went on a book tour with her. You can read more about that year here
  • Purple Moon received film interest from two separate producers, but unfortunately the projects fell through. (And yet I still include this in the highlights because it flatters me that it at least gained film interest! Maybe one day...)
  • I joined the Teen Advisory Board for Devozine, the teen imprint of Upper Room Ministries
  • One of my short stories was published in Guide Magazine
  • One of my devotions was published in Devozine 
  • Purple Moon was a Selah Award Finalist in YA Fiction and Debut Novel at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference
  • I wrote a rough draft of the sequel to Purple Moon and edited my second standalone novel
  • I joined the Favoron Productions team as one of their Casting Coordinators and screenwriters


Highlights from this year . . . 

  • I ventured into building my acting career a bit more and was cast as a {very small} featured role in Providence, a Christian film. I also worked on set as a Production Assistant. (This filmed during the week of BRMCWC, so unfortunately I wasn't able to attend that year.)
  • I completed my year on the Teen Advisory Board for Devozine
  • Another devotion of mine was published by Devozine
  • I taught a teen writing workshop and completed the book tour with Caroline
  • After coming to a standstill on the edits of my standalone novel and feeling as though something was off with the story, I decided to take a break and began to work on a new project. That didn't last long. My heart was still with the other book. So, after several months, I decided to take it back out. I spent three months during the fall in my writing cave, rewriting the entire novel from start to finish. 
  • I attended the Blue Ridge Christian Novelist Retreat, and it's there that my standalone novel placed in the top three in four contest categories. =) (If you ever have a chance to attend this retreat, do it! The location during autumn was breathtaking, and I loved how intimate the retreat was compared to big conferences).
  • I mentored another teen in my Write Now Teen Creative Writing Mentorship


Highlights from this year {so far} . . . 

  • I began my internship with Cyle Young at Hartline Literary Agency (my current agent). 
  • The proposal to my second novel was sent out to publishers. 
  • I began working on rewriting the sequel to Purple Moon
  • I spoke to a group of students at University of South Carolina Aiken (thanks to a connection made with a blog reader!)
  • I landed a role in a short Christian film titled A Beautiful Life, produced by Grace Like Rain Entertainment {trailer soon to come!}
  • I met my favorite author and writing role model, Karen Kingsbury!
  • I launched the teen magazine I've dreamt of starting since I was a preteen,
  • I attended BRMCWC and accompanied Cyle Young in some of his appointments with prospective clients
  • Another devotion of mine is to be published in a fall issue of Devozine
  • I'm currently working on a teen devotional project {details soon to come!}
  • I launched a freelance editing business, Pink Ink'd. A novella that I edited, written by Donna L.H. Smith, was a finalist in the novellas category in the ACFW Genesis contest.

. . . And now for the big news!

If you're signed up for my mailing list or follow me on social media, you've probably already heard this announcement . . . 

Over the past few years, I've been working on a secret project. A Young Adult contemporary romance novel. A story that first gripped my heart when I was 17-years-old and hasn't let go since. And now, it's finally time to release this story to the world. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

My latest novel, UNWRITTEN MELODY, will be published this fall by Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press)! Clean Reads is a company that aligns with my vision to produce stories that are clean yet authentic and shed hope into readers' lives. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them!

Obviously, the release date is quickly approaching! This means I'm already on the hunt for beta readers who would be willing to read a free copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest review. Join my street team for more information

I'm also in the process of scheduling a blog tour. If you'd like to participate, please comment below or send me an emailAll blog tour participants and street team members will receive first look on the back-cover-blurb, cover art, and book trailer. {You'll also have the chance to participate in exclusive giveaways!}

If you'd like to stay up-to-date on the publication process, continue following my blog and social media accounts. {For a complete list of my social media accounts, visit the homepage on my website.}

For a sneak preview of UNWRITTEN MELODY, be sure to check out the book's Pinterest board by clicking here. =) I'll post the back-cover-blurb as soon as it becomes available. 
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

A huge thanks to everyone who has followed and supported my writing journey thus far. I treasure each comment, email, tweet, positive book review, etc. I receive. If it wasn't for the feedback I received on PURPLE MOON, I don't think I would've had the motivation to push through the never-ending edits and rewrites of this second book. {Honestly. The writing journey can get tough at times, ya'll. The process of writing this book was not as smooth and simple as it was with Purple Moon.} 

And, of course, thank you to my new publisher, Clean Reads -- as well as my hard-working agent, Cyle Young.

Now it's time to take a break from writing and focus on editing and marketing and all that fun pre-release stuff! =D

~ ~ ~ 

How is your writing journey coming along? Anything you'd like to celebrate as well -- such as the completion of a book, chapter, or even a scene? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Tessa!
    Your upcoming book sounds REALLY REALLY cool!
    I would love to beta read for you, but I don't have Facebook. Is that a problem?
    I can send you an email if your prefer. Can't wait to hear from you!

    1. Hi, Esther! Thanks so much. =) You don't have to be apart of the street team to be a beta reader. If you send me your email, I can be sure to let you know when I begin to search for ARC readers.

      Thanks for your interest! I'm excited to share this story with everyone. =)


  2. Oh my goodness, this is SO exciting, Tessa! =D I'll be praying for you as you continue with the publishing process! I cannot WAIT to read this! =)

    1. You're so sweet, Micaiah! I appreciate the prayers, and can't wait to hear what you think about the story! =)


  3. Hi Tessa,
    I've enjoyed catching up on your writing journey. God has certainly been blessing you! It was also interesting to read about some people I am quite familiar with from your journey: Kyle Young, whom I don't know personally, but who has become the agent of three of my writing friends. Also, Donna L.H. Smith is a writing friend of mine.
    I would love to be part of your blog tour when you are ready to do that part of your writing journey for this new book! Please keep me in mind and let me know.

    1. Hi, Kelly! Donna Smith is a former editing client of mine. =) That's awesome that you know them, too!

      I'd love for you to be apart of the blog tour. I'll be in touch when the dates become official.

      Thanks for commenting! <3


  4. Tessa, congratulations on your exciting news!

    I also wanted to say thanks for your pinterest writing tools and writing adoration boards ... I have spent the last hour or more following rabbit trails and gathering inspiration, as I scrolled through, clicked, read and re-pinned. My characters will thank you too, I'm sure!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! So glad that you found my boards useful. =)

      Thanks for commenting!



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