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Coffee Shop Chats: Interactive Reflection of the Week!

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About Coffee Shop Chats:

I love blogging, but sometimes I wish there was a way that I could connect with each of you. Personally. Perhaps over a cup of coffee. 

We could share the highlights of our week, discuss the books we've been reading, what God is doing in our lives, and even share any prayer requests we may have. 

So, I came up with the idea of Coffee Shop Chats.

Instead of my Currently posts, I now post this reflection of the week (or month, or season). You are welcome to participate as well! I want this to be a way to learn more about each of you and how I can pray for you. Maybe this will help you meet other blogger friends as well. =) 

You may post your Coffee Shop Chat whenever you'd like! Just be sure to add your link to the latest Coffee Shop Chat link-up at the end of this post. (That way, we can all interact with one another.)

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. No, you don't have to be a coffee fan to participate. =) 
  2. Add the link to your Coffee Shop Chat post in the latest link-up (which will be listed on the latest Coffee Shop Chat post).
  3. Include the link to this post so your readers can understand the rules.
  4. Before you post, make sure that you comment on at least one other blogger's post. (The point of this is to begin forming relationships and interacting with one another, as if we were in an actual coffee shop. ;) )
  5. Include the below image on your post. 
  6. Be nice and have fun!

How to post: 

  1. Use any of the LISTS PROMPTS located at the end of this post. Feel free to add your own!
  2. Everyone who participates must answer at least 2 questions listed under CONVO STARTERS posted by myself or another participant.
  3. At the end of your post, include 2 - 5 questions/convo starters for your readers to answer as well!
Questions? Let me know! It sounds complicated, but it's actually pretty simple. ;)

What I did this week:

Recently, I've been on the set of A BEAUTIFUL LIFE, a Christian short film about healing, hope, and the true purpose of life. I've also been hard at work on the sequel to Purple Moon! If you'd like updates on this process (and opportunities to win prizes), feel free to join my Street Team by clicking here.

Pictures Taken:

Here are a few pics I've taken the past few months . . . 

On the set of A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. =D (Don't worry -- this is a Christian film! Haha)
{View on Instagram}
On the set of A BEAUTIFUL LIFE.
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Looking Forward To:
  • Seeing my best friend, Caroline, in a few days!
  • Visiting my sister and her husband this weekend for Easter.
  • Attending the Karen Kingsbury Tour! (Ahhh!!! Fan-freak-out-alert.)
  • Going to NYC soon to visit my sister, her husband, and attend a Christian conference.
  • The Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference in May. =) 

Grateful For:

  • Spring! =D<3 comment-3--="">
  • The support I've received surrounding the launch of Thanks to everyone who has contributed in helping to spread love, inspiration, and encouragement through this magazine.
  • Progress in the sequel to Purple Moon
  • Coffee. Coffee's always something to be grateful about.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Herbal tea. I've recently had about two cups every evening, and ohmygoodness. I've discovered the best varieties of blends (or whatever they call it in Tea Land). It's the perfect drink to sip on when winding down and reading a good book.
  • Speaking of good books, I'm currently on the fourth book I've read since January that's written by Jim Rubart. I can't get enough of his stories and writing style. He's an amazing person as well.
  • Scrivener. Seriously, how did I ever write a book without this program?! 
  • Bethel. I've had the chance to visit the Bethel campus in Atlanta a few times recently, and wow, the atmosphere was filled with God's love and His presence. Their music is probably one of my favorite worship bands as well. 
  • Pump Peelz. It makes living with Type 1 Diabetes a lot less ugly.

Books I'm Reading:

Music I'm Enjoying:

Scriptures I'm Enjoying:

Time Hop:

This time last year . . . 

{View on Instagram

{View on Instagram

On my blog {last spring} . . . 

What has your week or month {or season} looked like? Post your own coffee shop post! You may include any of the below list prompts. Feel free to add your own as well!

  • What I did this week
  • Pictures taken
  • Drinks I've enjoyed
  • Music I've enjoyed
  • Movies I've enjoyed
  • Food I've enjoyed
  • Grateful for
  • 3 awesome things that happened this week
  • Prayer requests
  • Currently loving
  • Currently working on
  • Currently hoping
  • Books I'm reading
  • Scriptures I'm enjoying
  • Quotes I'm enjoying
  • Looking forward to
  • Flashback Friday


** Each participant MUST answer 2 - 5 convo starters posted by myself or another participant. Make sure to include convo starters for your readers as well!

  1. How many books have you read so far this year?
  2. What are your Easter traditions? 
  3. What's your favorite spring activity?
  4. Do you use Scrivener to write your books?
  5. What are your favorite Christian music albums?


Is there a specific Blogger who you'd like to invite to join the conversation? Comment on their blog with the link to this post or your own!

Happy reflecting and chatting! =)

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  2. It's so cool that you're going to be in another production! Just because I'm curious, when did you first take interest in acting? What role do you play in Providence? I love the picture of you standing to the now-showing sign :).
    Ooo, a sequel to Purple Moon? That's really neat, any idea how soon that will be completed?
    I've heard a lot about Scrivener and how much people like it ... but I'm still not certain what it is :D.
    I've read 29 books this year, and my aim is fifty. I might need to change that aim to a hundred though, because I think I'm going to reach fifty pretty soon :).
    For our Easter, we normally dye eggs and then my younger siblings will hunt for eggs outside (if the weather is nice), and then we just hang out with our grandparents for the rest of the day. It's lots of fun! Do you have Easter traditions?

    1. Hi, Savannah!

      I first began acting in theater productions when I was seven-years-old. You can read more about my acting experience and journey in this interview:

      I played a very small role in Providence as a speaking contestant. I also worked behind the scenes as a Production Assistant. =)

      I plan to finish the sequel to Purple Moon in May. Hopefully soon after that, maybe in the summer, I will have the official release date. =)

      You can find out more about Scrivener at this link: -- It’s a software for writers that helps to organize chapters, scenes, notes, character sketches, research, index cards, etc. It costs $45, however you can download a free trial that I think lasts for a month.

      Wow! That’s awesome that you can read so many books per year. What’s your favorite genre to read?

      For Easter, I usually visit my grandparents or my sister and brother-in-law. I had traditions growing up, but now the holiday tends to be more random since my sisters and I are adults. But of course, we still attend church on Easter and eat tons of chocolate. =p


  3. This sounds like such a neat idea! I'm new to the blogging world, so I'm not sure I understand exactly how link ups work, but I'll figure it out! Is it just posting your post link on my post and my link on your post? Cuz I think I can handle that ;)
    It's so cool that you're an actress! I think I would have been one in another life ;)

    1. Hi, Abigayle!

      To participate in the Link Up, you can write your blog post then add the link to the post in the above widget. Let me know if that clears things up for you. =)

      Thanks for stopping by!


    2. Ah, yep! That makes sense. Thank you :D

  4. I was so excited for this coffee shop chat post! I will definitely be doing one today!
    1. I honestly don't know. I can't keep track of all the books I read, so I just... Read them.
    2. Every Easter my family has a special Easter dinner and we go to church. We usually also watch the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
    3. My favorite spring activity is anything outdoors with my friends and family. Capture the flag is super fun!
    4. I don't use Scrivener; I use Microsoft Word. Scrivener looks really cool, though.
    5. Oh, I have so many! Lauren Daigle's album and NF"s album Mansion are probably my faves. And so is Neon Steeple.

    1. Hi, Micaiah!

      Do you have a account? I’m not sure how I could ever keep track of the books I read without it!

      Ohh, The Chronicles of Narnia is a perfect movie to watch on Easter. What a great tradition! Now I’m in the mood to watch it too, haha.

      I absolutely love Lauren Daigle’s album. =) She’s probably my favorite Christian artist at the moment. I don’t think I’ve heard of Mansion or Neon Steeple. What genre of music are they?

      Thanks for participating!


    2. I use my Mom's Goodreads account. I have a list of books I want to read on it.
      They're both CCM. Neon Steeple is Crowder's album (I love it). Mansion is an album I listen to a lot when writing Broken Pieces.

  5. 1.I have read 6 books so far this year! Shooting for 25. I read 20 last year for reference.
    4. I do not use Scrivener. I've tried so many times and its just too complicated for me. I prefer to hand write and then type up my drafts in Microsoft Word. Super old school.

    1. 2. Starting new Easter tradition of going to church (something I've only personally been doing since October) and then brunch!

    2. I wish I could read 25 books per year! I’m the type of person who likes to spend time savoring a book--studying the story, writing, and plot. Besides, when I find a good book, I don’t have a desire to stop reading! Haha. But every now and then I come across those books that take ahold of me and refuse to let go (James Rubart's books, for instance!).

      It’s so cool to hear about how every writer goes about their writing process. I wish I could have the patience and discipline to handwrite my drafts! I’m not sure I could handle the hand cramps, though.

      Thanks for stopping by, B.G.! =)



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