Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Currently Reading...

  • Delirium by Lauren Oliver... loving it so far!
  • Rise by Stefne Miller

Currently Listening To...

  • My country music station on Pandora
  • Air1 Christian radio station

Currently Working On...

  • Editing my second book
  • Writing freelance articles
  • Purple Moon beta reader corrections
  • Preparing for the Purple Moon release and blog tour (email me if you're interested!)

Currently Sipping On...

  • Homemade iced coffees and iced coffee from Starbucks
  • Homemade fruit smoothies
  • As of right now I am drinking a mocha from Liquid Highway

Currently Taking Pictures Of...

  • At Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference with my mom this past May =)
  • With my sister last month (yes, we're practically wearing the same outfit. Completely unintended.)

  • With my cousins last week at Cracker Barrel celebrating our grandma's birthday

Currently Looking Forward To...

  • The release of Purple Moon in September! (Isn't the cover gorgeous?!)
  • Going to the beach next week with my family =)


  1. Really fun post, Tessa! I like how you put it together.

    What a sweet pic of you and your mom - and how funny that you and your sis dressed nearly identical. :)

    Anxious to read Lauren's novels so it's nice to know you like the book.

    BTW: I still haven't caught up to the point I can read your book BUT I will read it and review it once I'm done. It's just taken me this long to get to it. My apologies!

  2. Hi Tessa! I would be interested in Purple Moon's blog tour! I'll send you an email to ask for details. Thnx!

    Oh and I love the cover :)

    Tell the World

  3. Hi Tessa! I noticed you are reading Delerium... It is great! If you haven't already, I would like to suggest Mockingjay (if you haven't already), Flygirl (if you haven't already), and Matched (if you haven't already).



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