Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Writer's Inspiration

"A good Christian novel 

is not merely an entertaining story 
in which the characters stop every so often to whisper a prayer. 
The best and most effective Christian novels 
have a spiritual element woven so intricately into the story 
that if the element were removed,
there would be no story left."
~Virgina Smith

"Our expectation is that we will change your life 
by the words we write,
the stories we create,
the characters we mold 
out of blood, sweat, and tears."
~Rene Gutteridge

"I've written many scenes 
with tears streaming down my face 
because I'm moved by what's happening to my characters, 
and that's when I know 
God is doing something powerful in me, 
and hopefully, in my writing."
~Lisa Tawn Bergren

"I think we see God 
beginning to work in all of the arts--not just books, 
but also music, painting, artwork."
~Francine Rivers

"This is our calling, 
that we might hold out the word of life to the world,
and that we do this through our writing.
For me, Christ is the story.
He is not a patch to add into my plot, or a marketing ploy.
The world can write about the physical, intellectual,
and emotional aspects of people. So can we.
Ah, but we also can tell about the spiritual--
and the story is nothing without that piece."
~Karen Kingsbury

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  1. Great collection of quotes on writing Tessa! And love all of those pictures! :)

  2. I love these encouraging. Also, you officially got me in the fall mood. :)

  3. I love the Virginia Smith quote! She's one of my favorite authors. Have you read any of her books?


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