Friday, September 28, 2012

Why The Cold Seasons Of Life Are Necessary

Fall is my absolute favorite season—with the leaves changing, pumpkin spice lattes, cool weather, sweaters, boots, fall-scented candles, etc. There’s something special about every season, but fall will always remain my favorite.

However, there are many people who dread this season. They think of autumn and winter as depressing since everything dies, it gets bitter cold, and you have to stay indoors. These people can’t wait for the cold days to be over with so spring can arrive and everything can be in blossom once again. But we can’t have the warm seasons without first going through these cold ones. Things must die before they can grow. And ultimately, we wouldn't appreciate the warm seasons as much if we never went through the cold ones.

It's hard to have patience while waiting for spring. Especially when you just want to fast forward a season and get to the good ones. Sometimes you may feel as if this waiting season has lasted forever. It’s even more frustrating when you don’t have a calendar for the spiritual realm--you’re not sure when God’s going to bring the warm seasons into your life.

But maybe God’s trying to teach you to trust Him, His timing, His plan for your life. And to have patience. No, it’s not easy. But it’s necessary that we go through the cold seasons so things can die before the new ones are born. To make way for the new to come.

And the longer you wait, the closer it gets to the season you’ve been yearning for. (Except, of course, if you’re like the Israelites and remain in this season only because of your complaining—when really spring could’ve been just around the corner.)

If things seem to have gotten harder the longer you've waited, remember that winter is always colder than fall. Sure, it may be harder to go through. But keep in mind that it's the last season before spring arrives.

While I was writing this post, the song “Before The Morning” by Josh Wilson came on my Pandora. (Click here for the song.)

You may not understand why you’re having to go through these bitter cold, never-ending seasons. But you don’t have to have it all figured out. Just trust God, grow closer to Him during this, have patience, and believe that spring is just around the corner. Remember this is just a season, and seasons don’t last forever.

And when you’re tempted to beg God for spring although you have yet to go through autumn yet, keep in mind that God’s timing is perfect. He knows that things have to die in order to get ready for spring—before things can fully blossom.

Have you ever doubted that God would ever bring the "warm seasons" in your life? How do you remain patient while going through the cold ones?

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  1. good those words ... keep writing, your words touch the heart ...

    1. Thank you so much! Don't worry, I'll never stop writing. =) God bless!

  2. Love what you've written. And you're right. We can't appreciate the summer without going through the cold of winter. I love fall. It's really my favorite time of the year. :)

    1. Oh, mine too. And I'm so happy that my first book is going to come out during my favorite season also. =)

  3. Beautiful analogy.

  4. I loved this! Fall is my absolute favorite season because it's basically a season of change. It's like a time for things to start slowing down and preparing to rest for the winter. :)

  5. I absolutely love fall, its so beautiful.


  6. thank you for this positive post!
    oftentimes, when we get so caught up in our problems, or "winters" it's hard to remember that seasons are temporary and you HAVE to have the cold, in order to get to the warm!
    I am learning that right now.
    can't wait to be back to read some more posts from you!
    Have a great day!

    1. Yes, it's so hard. This is something that God has been teaching me recently too--patience. And to trust that His timing is always better than mine.

      Thanks for your comment! God bless. =)


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