Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Significance Of A Story

Have you ever wondered what it is about reading that captures the heart of people? Why is it that we fall in love with printed words on a page that creates a story in our imagination?

Recently I've had to think about "future decisions"... where I'm going to college, what I'm going to study. Of course, the last one has never been a complicated decision for me. I've pretty much known that I've wanted to be an author ever since I was about seven years old. There isn't any other career I'd be more interested in pursuing for the rest of my life.

Why is this, though? Of course, I could go on and on explaining all the reasons why I love writing so much. I love the feeling of getting swept away in a story - either through writing or reading, fiction or nonfiction.

It's because everyone has a story. And everyone's story is written by the hands of God... He's the author of life in general, the Creator of every person and the writer of each of our individual stories.

This is why I love listening to music, not only Christian. This is why I love reading, both fiction and nonfiction. And the reason I love watching movies so much. It's because of the beauty that comes from a story... written either by a human or God himself.

Each of our own lives' is a story written by Him. And I love it. That sounds crazy, but every chapter is significant and has a purpose that contributes to the entire story. It's interesting watching where God leads me, watching how he takes the brokenness and ends up turning it into something beautiful. It's amazing to see how much He's matured me throughout everything, how all that's happened has happened for a reason. Yes, including the pain. Because every story has to have some kind of conflict. Without it, there'd be no lessons to be learned... no reason to grow and draw closer to God.

It's a reflection of life, that's why I think we fall so in love with writing and reading. A reflection of the whole purpose why God put us on this earth to begin with. Not to mention, I won't ever have to worry how my story will end. Because as long as the pen of my life remains in God's hands only, I'm basically guaranteed a happy ending.

Why do you think people fall
in love with writing and reading so much?
What's your favorite thing about these two?


  1. Amazing post! And insight :) For me personally it's a form of relaxation and escapism, but in a totally safe way. I can't go away and never come back or even go to another town, but I can in the covers of a book. The same with writing, it's an amazing way to escape yet stay at home and use the gift that God gave me.

  2. Yes! I've never really thought about the why, but I totally agree with what you said! It's because we all have a story to tell, it's kind of like show-and-tell, we like to share ours in some point in our life, but also hear others too! And my fave thing about both is either the contrast or similarity between the story and my life. I like it when I can relate, but also when it's new and different from what I've experienced. Great post! :)

  3. A good question and beautiful thoughts. Thanks : )

  4. Faye, I know what you mean! It's an amazing form of escapism. There are so many reasons I love writing... I don't understand why everyone doesn't like to write!

    Thanks for the comments everyone. =)


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