Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Catching an Agent with Your Hook

What is a story hook, and is it possible to craft one in a way that captures a literary agent's attention? 

In my guest post on Story Ember's blog, I discuss the answer to this question and provide a check-list that can help you craft the perfect hook for your book. 

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  1. A great hook ensnares the readers imagination, as they travel into the world created by their own thoughts. It is the authors job to write such a invigorating piece, full of imagery, actions, emotions, and most of all, the thrill of twist and turns, always keeping a steady flow, within their work. So, in truth there are many hooks within a single written work, which means a author must choose wisely to grab the right one for the right agent, it takes work. Although, I myself have yet to have a Agent, I believe my work is worth one taking a look at, with two books self published and another ready to get published, I have personally sold over 225 poetry books and 150 childrens books not to mention the online sales and this is in one town alone, with the help of a agent I am possitive my books would sell millions of copies, but only time will tell if they see what I see.


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