Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Achieving the “It Factor” in Publishing

You may have heard the term “it factor” used to describe people in industries such as sports or entertainment. On reality singing competition shows, such as The Voice, judges will occasionally comment about a certain contestant having this “it factor.” In this case, the judge may describe the singer as having certain stamina and charisma—as well as a standout voice—that is admired in the music industry. The singer may also have a good feel for who he/she is as an artist, as well as a natural stage presence.

All of these components play into the term “it factor” in the music industry. I would assume this helps industry professionals weed out the highly competitive market and only sign with those who have it. 

In the publishing industry, however, authors don’t exactly need charisma or a stage presence in order to stand out amongst their competition. (Or a singing voice—thank God!) However, there are still other components that separate the “pros” from the amateurs.

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