Wednesday, August 2, 2017

UNWRITTEN MELODY is Now Available in Paperback!

I received a special package from my publisher the other day ... ! 

It's the paperback of my YA inspirational romance novel, UNWRITTEN MELODY! You can now add the physical copy to your physical bookshelves. Yes, this means you’re free to dog-ear the pages. Highlight passages that might resonate with you. Sniff the printed ink. Admire the amazingly soft cover.

Not only that: You can purchase an autographed copy for only $20 (includes shipping and you'll receive free book swag!). If you’re interested, send me an email at tessaemilyhall (at) gmail (dot) com by August 15th and notify me of how many copies you would like to purchase and who you would like the books to be made out to. (Payments will be paid via PayPal, check, or the app, Cash. US only—sorry!)

** Psst ... This is an amazing deal considering the book is available on Amazon paperback for $16.99! **

The cover is wonderfully soft.

You'll also receive these beautiful handmade bookmarks!

For those of you who may not know, UNWRITTEN MELODY released last fall by Clean Reads in Kindle format. Here are some of the reader responses (pulled from reviews on Amazon/Goodreads):

“UNWRITTEN MELODY pulls on your heart strings in all the right places … 
This is a story you will want to read again and again." 
 ~ Katy Kauffman, award-winning author, Refresh Bible Study Magazine editor, and co-founder of Lighthouse Bible Studies

“I enjoyed every moment of this book.”

“It was so hard to put this book down.”

"To say that I was blown away by this book is an understatement."


"I knew the characters, understood them, felt for them, laughed aloud, and cried for them."

"A fiction novel that can stir so many emotions is always a great read to me. Author, Tessa Hall, does exactly that."

"Unwritten Melody by Tessa Emily Hall has a gentle pace, but a strong emotional impact that will inspire young adults to hold on to hope and follow their dreams."


"Overall a touching story beautifully rendered by Tessa Emily Hall."

"Overall, Unwritten Melody is a must read, and a must re-read for me. 
Go grab yourself a copy today!"


2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist in Young Author 

Does breaking free require breaking the rules?

Cassie Gilbert lives every day in the shadows of her deceased mom's rebellion. But now that she's seventeen, she finds herself longing to break away from her grandmother's suffocating rules, experience what it's like to be a regular teenager, and fulfill her songwriting dreams.

James Russo, former American Spotlight contestant, escapes to small town Willow Creek, SC hoping to flee from his tarnished past. When a school project pairs him with the shy principal's granddaughter, he's determined to get to know this Emily-Dickinson-obsessed and typewriter-using girl. His plan? Convince Cassie to co-write songs for his demo album.

As Cassie gets to know James over "project meetings" (more like opportunities to match her lyrics with his melodies), she becomes intrigued by his sense of adventure and contagious passion for music. But soon, his past becomes exposed. Cassie's left to wonder--did she make the same mistake Mom did by falling for the bad boy?

Then, Grandma's control pushes her over the edge. Cassie must choose between remaining in the chains of yesterday, or delving into her own freedom by completing the melody her mom left behind.

You can purchase/view the book on Amazon here.

I hope everyone’s been having an amazing summer! =)

Question for you: Do you prefer Kindle or physical copies? Why?


  1. Nice!!! Congratulations, Tessa!!!

  2. Congrats, Tessa!!!

    Most likely kindle. I've lived overseas for most of my life, and it has been AMAZING to get books right to my device when I don't have a physical store I could go to to get American books. I also like to be efficient with my space. :)

    1. Yes! I love how Kindle has helped me save so much book space. It's also nice when I travel as well. Not to mention, Kindle copies are usually cheaper than physical copies. ;)


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