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Attn. aspiring authors: Literary agency searching for new clients!

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For the past year, I've been working at Hartline Literary Agency--first as an intern, and now as a Jr. Agent for Cyle Young. I love having the opportunity to work with other writers. Help them prepare their proposals, send it off to publishers, and potentially play a role in the unfolding of their writing dreams. 

We're now searching for new clients to add to our roster. Aspiring or established authors who have a completed manuscript, established platform/web presence, knowledge of the craft/industry, and understand what goes into marketing a book. I'd especially like to work with writers who understand their brand, vision as a writer, and have multiple ideas for future books.

Does that sound like you? If so, please review the below submission guidelines ...

What I'm searching for:

Genres across the spectrum -- YA, MG, NA, children's picture book (ABA market preferred), non-fiction, devotionals, Christian, romance, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative. 
I am NOT searching for erotic or amish fiction.

I specialize in MG/YA fiction and would love to find fresh voices in these genres, especially projects that we could sell to the general market. Of course, being a young writer myself, I would love to find a teen or young adult who has a project that's ready to be sent to publishers. This means that it's well-written, edited, and polished. (You can check out my advice for teen/young writers by clicking here.)
Submissions must be sent according to the guidelines posted on Hartline's website

How we work at Hartline:

  • We make sure that your proposal and manuscript is in top shape before it's sent to publishers. This does not mean that we provide edits; however, we will walk you through a polished draft before the contract is signed. I will also provide feedback on your proposal/opening chapter that you can use to make sure your proposal is top quality before it's sent to publishers.
  • I like to establish a relationship with the clients -- understand their brand, vision, and dream publishers before I send off the proposal.
  • We give our current clients top priority. 
  • We stay informed with the pulse of the publishing industry -- where it's been, where it's headed.
  • We're innovative, hard-working, and use modern methods to help clients achieve their publishing dreams. We're focused on building your career as an author.
  • If I choose to represent you, I will remain your main point of contact, whereas Cyle Young will be your agent of record.
  • We do not charge a fee to our clients. 
  • You're welcome to get in touch with me any time you have a specific need/question. 
  • Clients have access to client-only portal which is where Cyle and I post resources such as workshop podcasts, video tutorials, sample proposals, and more. 

We like to work with clients who ...

  • Have industry knowledge, especially in the market/genre they write in
  • Are well-educated on the craft 
  • Are professional
  • Have a long-term vision for their writing career
  • Have more than one book idea
  • Actively work to build an online presence and platform
  • Understand what it takes to market a book
  • Understand that publishing moves at a turtle's pace
  • Can accept constructive criticism

More info

How to submit

After following these proposal guidelines, please send your query and proposal to me: I look forward to hearing from you! =)

Clients I work with...

Question for you...

What are your short-term and long-term writing goals? What do you look for in a literary agent?



  1. Oh gracious - I would LOVE for you to be my literary agent, and I fit most all of the criteria for the kind of author you want to represent ... except that my novel is only half finished :D. Oh well!

    My long-term goal is to be a author who has had multiple books published (and maybe make it onto the NYT bestsellers list - a girl can dream :)), and my short-term goal is to get my novel (Killing Snow) finished before December of this year, and then find an agent for it.

    What I look for in an agent? Someone professional (but still open and friendly), who knows how to get my book looking its best and into the hands of the right people.

    ~ Savannah

    1. It's impossible to dream too big! Hey, if God's given you a vision, go for it. ;)

      I love the criteria you gave on what you look for in an agent. I happen to agree!

      Good luck on finishing your manuscript!


  2. I would love for you to be my agent!! I am not done with my MG novella, but when I am, I'll be sure to come back here. I'm sure you'd be an amazing agent. :D


    1. Great! Thanks, Anika. I look forward to your submission. =)


  3. It would be amazing to have you as an agent! I love reading your writing advice. ;). I write both Christian and general market books, so it's awesome that you represent both! That's something that I've been searching for in an agent.

    My long term goal is to be published. It would be amazing to be a bestselling author, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. I guess that dream is up to God to fulfill.

    I'm looking for an agent who is a Christian, but represents both Christian and general market books. He or she also must be professional and do what's best for my books.


    1. Thanks, Alea! As I mentioned to Savannah, there’s no harm in dreaming a little too big. ;) When we keep the dream in His hands, He’ll remove any desires on our heart that aren’t from Him. As long as we’re seeking Him first!

      Thanks for commenting. =)

  4. How exciting! It would be such an honor to have you as an agent. You're so personable, and give the best writing advice.

    I wish I had a submission ready right now! I'm working on the second round of edits for my current WIP at the moment. But I will definitely remember you're taking submissions when I'm ready to start sending out queries.

    My short term goal is to get my story, Burning Thorns, edited to the best it can be and then start querying. My long-term is to be published with multiple books, specifically in the speculative-fiction genre. It is definitely my dream to write full time!

    What I'd love in an agent is a Christian who is personable and friendly, and loves what they do. Because I think passion for one's profession is the most important thing. ^_^

    1. Thanks, Christine! It’s encouraging to know that my posts help other writers. Oh, I love that title! Sounds intriguing. Speculative is my second favorite genre—YA contemporary being the first. Very true! Passion needs to remain the igniting force in this industry on both sides of the spectrum—in publishing and writing. I’m not sure how anyone could persevere without it!

  5. Hey Tessa!
    Gosh this would be fabulous!! Having an agent at ALL would be better than I could hope, but having one you know or even better you? It's beyond imagination.
    The only thing is-
    I don't have industry knowledge, at all. I think? See? Hopeless 😏
    I wouldn't say I'm "well-educated"
    Professional? Meh.
    I do want to write for the rest of my life but I don't have any huge dreams for being a renowned author.
    This one I am MORE than qualified for!! I have a million and three story ideas and they never stop coming!!
    I don't know how well I would be able to actively build an online presence and platform.
    I do understand that publishing a book is a long slow and possibly painful process, and am willing to undergo it.
    I believe I can accept criticism, as long as it is, as you say and I'm sure it will be, constructive.

    Right now, I want to write. I don't care about publishing immediately, I just want to write and write well.
    I do wish to be published in the future. I feel like it would be a good step in my writing process and growth.

    In an agent, I just pray for someone with incredible patience. I am sure I can be trying, and although I will try not to be, I will need someone who can combat that.

    Thanks for doing this, Tessa. It's really wonderful.

    1. It’s never too late to start educating yourself in the industry! =) There’s no rush. I think it’s awesome that you love to write for the pure joy of it. Once you start writing as a career, you do start to view it through the lens of a job rather than a hobby. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but it becomes easier to lose that initial writing joy when it becomes work. Especially when numbers are involved! ;)

      If you’re serious about building your platform, I highly recommend the book “Connections” by Edie Melson. She explains how writers can build a social media and blog following from scratch. It doesn’t require much time, either. Platform plays a huge role in publishing today.

      Keep doing what you’re doing! There are multiple stages along the writing journey, and it’s important for writers to grow through practice, experience, and education. I'm excited to see where the journey takes you, Esther!

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  7. Wow, this is so exciting, Tessa! Congratulations!

    I'm working with a publisher right now and not currently looking for an agent, but will keep this in mind. :) It would be so fun to work with you! Best of luck - I hope you find LOTS of incredible stories.

  8. I am just coming across your post now, and I am wondering if you are still looking for new clients. I am working on my book proposal for Hartline right now and was intending to send to another agent until I saw your blog post. God is giving me good feels about you. ;) Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks!


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