Friday, January 20, 2017

Announcing the digital launch of PURSUE Magazine, Issue No. 1! {+Giveaway!}

This time last year, the magazine I'd dreamt of since I was a pre-teen was preparing for the release of its blog/website. Now, I'm excited to announce that our first digital issue will be available to order on April 15th, 2017!

What is PURSUE?

PURSUE is an online magazine that encourages and inspires girls to make the most of their youth by pursuing God, tapping into who He has created them to be, embracing their uniqueness, and learning to how to sustain health. It is a general interest and Christian-based magazine that covers topics in life, encouragement & motivation, inspiration, arts & creativity, and beauty & fashion.

We strive to provide clean, inspiring, and positive media for young girls that will encourage them to pursue God and live the life He's called them to live. Our vision is to create an online community for teen girls where they can go to find support and encouragement in their walk with Christ. 

How can you help? {+ enter a giveaway!}

The only way PURSUE will accomplish our vision is if our readers share it with their friends and engage in the community! 

Here's what you can do:

  • Join our street team. {Click here to join!} On this street team, you'll receive a free copy of the digital issues in exchange for a free review posted on Amazon (if you're interested). You'll also receive behind-the-scene peeks, exclusives, first looks, members-only giveaways, and more!
  • Follow us on social media. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ideas: Invite your friends to follow our Facebook page; retweet our Tweets; re-gram our Instagram posts, or tag your friends in the comments of our pictures; re-pin our Pinterest posts; pin images from our blog to your Pinterest boards. 
  • Comment on our blog posts! Is there a post on our blog that resonated with you? Let us know in the post's comments!
  • Share the posts on your social media. You can do this by providing a link on your Facebook, Twitter, or taking a picture of it and sharing it on Instagram.

By supporting PURSUE, you're supporting our vision to provide clean and inspiring media for teens. 

To thank you for your efforts, one person will win a $25 gift card to To enter, all you have to do is comment below and let me know what you did to help spread the word!

Thanks, everyone! I look forward to sharing this issue with you! =D

** {PS ... Are you a photographer? Would you -- or someone you know -- be interested in submitting photography for our magazine on a volunteer basis? Send us an email at pursuemagazine(at)gmail(dot)com!} **


  1. This is so exciting, Tessa! I can't believe Pursue is going to be a digital magazine :D. (and also - do you mind changing my name on the teen advisory board to Savannah Grace? That's what I usually go by now :))

    Ooh, I'll have to tell my sister that you're looking for volunteer photographers - I think she'd be interested ;).

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thanks, Savannah! No problem; I'll do that now. =)

      Awesome! Tell her she can send me an email of her photography at pursuemagazine (at) gmail (dot) com.



  2. So excited for the digital magazine!!! =D

  3. Told my mom! So excited!


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