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"Unwritten Melody" Blog Tour Preview & Giveaway Opportunities!

Less than two weeks until my YA contemporary romance novel, UNWRITTEN MELODY, makes its appearance into the world on Nov. 10th! I've been experiencing a mix of all emotions: shock. excitement. nervousness. apprehension. But mostly? Shock. Because this is the story that's been on my heart since I was seventeen-years-old -- almost six years ago. It's been through several drafts since I first began writing it at eighteen-years-old. At times, I've wanted to give up. I actually did. For a couple months, I filed the book away and began a new project. 
But that didn't last long. Unwritten Melody was begging for me to complete it. The story wanted to come to life -- not just in my heart, but in the hearts of others as well. I knew the only way that could happen was if I rewrote it. {More about its journey to publication will be posted on Monday!} 

These past couple of months, I've been working hard preparing for the release -- going through three round of edits, reading the galley for a final time, planning events, and mostly, preparing for its blog tour.

I had tons of fun on the blog tour for my debut novel, PURPLE MOON, a few years ago. Just like I did for that tour, I'll be visiting about 30 blogs from November 1st - December 9th and will be sharing behind-the-scene features, excerpts from the book, bloggers will post book reviews, and more! Also, two people will have a chance to receive the UNWRITTEN MELODY Prize Pack. {The prizes are incredible this year! You won't want to miss this opportunity!} 
The blog tour will kick off RIGHT HERE on Monday. =D

Contests + Giveaways!

  • Creative Insta Photo Contest
If you're on Instagram, I'd love for you to participate in this creative photo contest! To enter, you'll need to post a picture on Instagram the week of the book's release (11/10 - 11/17). Your photo can be of you reading Unwritten Melody, an image of a quote from the book, the cover of Unwritten Melody on your Kindle and surrounded by fall leaves -- you get the idea. Your post must include the hashtag #UnwrittenMelodyContest. Two winners will be selected to receive a free ebook for their friend, as well as two free Unwritten Melody Chapter-By-Chapter Secrets downloads!

  • Twitter Live Raffle

Twitter's probably my favorite social media platform. I love how easy it is to write a short post and instantly connect with other writers and readers. If you're a Twitter fan like myself, you're not going to want to miss out on entering this raffle!

The week of the book's release (11/10 - 11/17), you can post any tweet related to Unwritten Melody. Some ideas include: A quote from the book, what you're snacking on while reading the book, your favorite chapter so far, or even a question directed to me about the book. Every person who enters using the #UnwrittenMelodyLive hashtag will instantly receive one entry into this raffle. (The more tweets, the more entries!) Two winners will be selected at random to receive a free ebook for their friend, as well as two free Unwritten Melody Chapter-By-Chapter Secrets downloads!  

  • Autumn-Inspired Bundle Giveaway

  • Unwritten Melody Prize Pack

As mentioned above, this giveaway will take place throughout the duration of the Unwritten Melody blog tour (Nov. 1st - Dec. 9th). =) 

  • Tessa's Team-Members Only Giveaways

I'll soon post an update in Tessa's Team announcing giveaway opportunities for those who contribute in promotion for Unwritten Melody. Multiple winners will be selected!

  • Unwritten Melody First Readers Prize

Want to receive the Unwritten Melody Chapter-By-Chapter Secrets Download? For those who purchase the book within the first three days of its release (Nov. 10th - Nov. 12th), email me your receipt/purchase confirmation and I'll send you this free PDF. 

This download will include chapter-by-chapter secrets from the book, as well as a copy of its first brainstorming notes, deleted scenes, the book's soundtrack, Pinterest board, and a personalized digital autograph from me. Think of this as the bonus features that's included on a film's DVD. =) 

~ ~ ~ 

THANK YOU to everyone who has joined me on this journey! Also a huge thanks to the readers of PURPLE MOON. Your encouraging emails, Tweets, comments, etc. are what gave me the perseverance to see this book to its completion. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! =D

** Since this book is a quick launch, it's going to first release as an ebook. It'll then release in paperback form depending on how well it sells. In other words -- the quicker it sells, the quicker it might release as a paperback! So I really appreciate any help you can contribute in promotional efforts. (If you know me, then you know I much prefer paperback copies -- and I'm sure many of you do, too!) **  

  • Do you prefer Kindle or paperback?
  • What's your favorite way to help authors in promoting their books?
  • Are you a fan of participating in giveaways and contests?


Excited about the upcoming #YAlit blog tour for @TessaEmilyHall 's new release! #giveaways #bookworm
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  1. This is SO exciting, Tessa! I can't believe it's releasing so soon! (and I still can't get over how beautiful that cover is :D)
    I'm so glad you didn't give up on this book - it sounds like it's going to amazing!

    I mostly prefer paperback - though I do read Kindle books sometimes. And my favorite way to promote an author's book is to review them it my blog or elsewhere (any chance I could get an ARC of Unwritten Melody to review?). And I love participating in giveaways and contests! It's so fun :D.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thanks, Savannah! I can't believe it either. The release date approached so fast!

      I do have one beta reader spot available. Please email me at christiswrite (at) gmail (dot) com for more info. =) Thanks!


    2. Alrighty - I emailed =).

      ~ Savannah


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