Friday, December 11, 2015

The Never-Fading Light of Christmas

The Christmas tree in my house is now up, embellished in ornaments and twinkling with lights. "O Holy Night" plays on the Pandora station through my iPhone. Candles are lit, filling the house with the perfect holiday spice scent.

And yet, no amount of festivities, decorations, or Christmas treats can take away the tragedies that have occurred throughout the world lately.

As the Christmas season began to approach this year, I found myself wondering . . . How could I get into the "Christmas spirit" when others are still grieving over loved ones lost in the Paris tragedy? Why should I enjoy baking Christmas cookies when families are mourning over their lost mom, dad, brother, or sister?

This world is far from perfect. And as long as we are human--as long as we are living on this earth--we will be prone to the results of the fall.

Yet, none of this can take away the hope Christ came to bring: The hope of eternity. Promise of salvation. The gifts of peace, joy, and love. Victory over sin and death once and for all.

As Christians, we already have a sneak peak into the final chapter of this story. God wins! And you know what? There is no better time than Christmas than to celebrate this fact. Jesus came so that we would not be destroyed by sin and death. A beacon of light pierced through the darkness of this world when Mary gave birth to God's son.

This is why we celebrate Christmas. Not because we are turning our heads from the pain and suffering of this world.

But because we know that, ultimately, even the darkest of circumstances could never dim the light of Christ.

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