Thursday, October 15, 2015

Teen Writers: Clean Your Manuscript by Fixing These 5 Common Errors

After I signed a publishing contract for Purple Moon at 16-years-old, I waited months before I released the manuscript into my editor's hands. Why? 

Because I was still in the beginning stages of my writing journey. Although I knew the basics of how to write a book, I continued to learn the craft of editing through conferences, books, and blogs.

At the time, my book was still in its natural state. Sure, I could’ve sent the manuscript to my editor in that form. But I didn’t want to settle for simply “good enough”. I didn’t want to leave a mess for my editor to clean.

It was up to me to learn editing techniques. I didn’t want to just write a “good enough” story; I wanted to write one that was unforgettable. One that could allow the reader to experience the story alongside the main character.

If you, too, want to shape your manuscript into a quality novel, click here to head over to, where I share the top 5 common mistakes that teen writers make. Be sure to join the discussion! =)

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  1. : ) i'm still working on my script. Its hard to concentrate! I mainly use Microsoft Word as my writing platform cause it does not require internet and my laptop barely connects to wifi no more. So anyways I hope my book turns out great.


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