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Monday's Minute Challenge: Writing prompt contest for teens & up!

A quick writing prompt challenge (and contest) for teens to get their creative juices flowing for the new week.

  1. The entry must be between 150 - 300 words. (In order to see how many words your entry is, write it in Microsoft Word, or you can copy and paste it here.)
  2. The deadline for the contest will be the Thursday after next. 
  3. The winners will receive a badge for their blog, as well as extra points (see the point system below).
  4. The winner will be chosen based on the judges's preferences, as well as the following questions: Does this entry capture my attention immediately? Does it make me want to continue reading? Is the writing clear? They will also take into consideration the writer's voice and style--not necessarily technical issues, such as grammar, punctuation, etc. 
  5. This is only for fun and to stretch your writing muscles--not necessarily to be taken too seriously. =)

Since the point system has caused a bit of confusion recently, I have decided to take a different approach.

From now on, I will host a monthly giveaway, and one winner will be announced every four weeks. 
Keep in mind that you are in charge of your points from now on. If you win a contest, the only way that you will receive your points is by clicking the entry below. 

Also, if you have already liked my Facebook page, followed me on Twitter, etc. then make sure to click those entries as well in order to receive your points. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There will be one randomly-selected winner chosen from the above raffle each month. They will have the choice of receiving one of the following prizes:

  • A critique on of one of their MMC entries
  • A blog critique
  • A 300 - 600 word critique on your novel, short story, blog post, etc
  • The opportunity to judge one of the contests
  • A free ebook of PURPLE MOON
  • A special surprise sent to your mailbox (snail mail, not email)


The judge panel chooses these winners based on a point system (not to be confused with the point system mentioned above!).

The entries were really difficult to judge this week! Everyone did a fantastic job. Thanks for participating!

Keep in mind that the judges are not aware of which entry belongs to which participant until after the judging is complete.

The entries that the judges thought were the most intriguing (based on rule #4) are ... 

"Keep your voice down." Lana turned with a disgusted air and began making her way across the crisp Autumn leaves, hardly making a sound. She was at home here under the shelter of the trees. She was the one who had a better chance of surviving out here than I did... I wouldn't have had a chance if she hadn't found me.
I was used to being the one who had it all- the right friends, the fashionable clothes, the highest grades. Why did I know absolutely nothing about what was most important about living? I resented her. And I could not allow her to have any more power over me. "What's that? Couldn't hear you." I fairly shouted. "Could you speak a little lou-" All at once, I was on my back, a pair of grey eyes looming above my own. I would have shut up regardless of the hand that was clamped over my mouth and chin- the shock of anyone tackling me would have been enough.
She only stared for a minute. Then the words came, quiet and hard. "You think you know it all, Janice. You think you're above rules and reason just because your daddy's face could be seen everywhere? But let me tell you that if you want to have any hope of surviving out here in the big bad forest, you're going to have to do as you're told. Doesn't matter who you think has the better background or the beautiful clothes. Out here, we look out for each other, whether we think the others deserve it or not. I'm bringing you back with me, after all."
She released her hold. But all the way to the camp, I made no other sound save the crunching of leaves under my feet.  
Congratulations, Maddie! Click here for your badgeand don't forget to claim your points here. =) 

“Go outside and fetch a bucket of water, Amber! I’m thirsty,” Grandma declared. Amber sighed, picked up a bucket and trudged out of the old wooden cottage to the well around the corner. But when she reached the well and looked in, she gasped and dropped the bucket. For what she saw was this: a thick blanket of ice had nestled comfortably over the water at the bottom of the well, and a small boy was sitting nervously on it. His hands and feet were covered in glossy ink and there was fear on his thin face. Amber could also see a great deal of pain behind his deep blue-green eyes. The boy spoke not a word, he simply stared. So did Amber. It seemed like hours that they stared into each other’s faces, but it was simply a few moments until Amber asked “Who are you?”The boy paused for a minute, then replied “My name is Finn. My master pushed me down this well.”Again, they simply stared at each other. Amber shook her head as if snapping out of a daydream. Slowly she lowered her bucket down the dark and narrow well. Finn gripped tightly to the slender rope.“Don’t worry,” Amber whispered quickly, “I won’t let you fall.” And she didn’t. Holding the rope tightly in both hands, Amber heaved Finn out of the well. Soon he was sitting shakily on the side of the well, his feet still dangling inside. Amber handed him a handkerchief from her pocket, and he hastily wiped his inky hands and feet. Amber frowned, but before she could say another word, Finn had jumped up and was racing to the trees.“Wait, wait!” Amber cried out after him, but Finn had already disappeared into the dark wood…
Congratulations, SimiClick here for your badge, and don't forget to claim your points here. =)

I fought to keep calm as I felt myself knocked backwards. I attempted to scream but a hand was clamped firmly over my mouth. 
“Jenny.” He said simply and then seemed to wait for his voice to register in my memory.
I looked closely into his face and recognized the same mossy green eyes and wisps of blonde hair peeking through the hood of his jacket. 
At last he moved his hand away, allowing me to speak. “Toby!” I gasped, struggling quickly to my feet. “Wha-where have you been?” He didn’t answer but simply studied me. 
I felt utterly furious. “How could you do this to me?” I raged. I wanted to say more but couldn’t seem to find the words. 
“Jenny.” He repeated gently. I felt a brush of cloth beneath my hand. My arms trembled as I unfolded the fabric to be sure it was what I believed. It was a handkerchief with the word “Remember” penned on the top left corner in golden ink. I had given it to him long ago as a promise for the future. I felt the tears flow down my cheeks. He had remembered. “I’m here now.” He said. “It’s time.”
I looked into his eyes and smiled. Hand in hand, we made the journey to where a certain bridge lay over a pond. 
The sun was setting, casting penumbras across the land and melting the sky into glorious shades of crimson and pink. The air was ice cold and the frosty leaves beneath our feet curled upwards as a sign of autumn’s end. 
“Jenny,” Toby said, his gaze fixated ahead. “You do know that once past this point, things will never be the same again.”
I smiled. “I know.” 
And blissfully, we left a fleeting world behind and made for the sempiternal land beyond.
Congratulations, Natalie! Click here for your badge, and don't forget to claim your points here. =)

Honorable Recognitions

These winners will receive a badge, as well as 2 extra points:
  1. Savannah P
  2. Esther
  3. Anna S

    Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

    • Submit your response in the comments below, or post it on your blog via InLink (below -- you will receive 2 extra points!). 
    • Your response should range between 150 - 300 words. 
    • The deadline for the contest will be the Thursday after next. 
    • If you'd rather not submit your post in the comments or on your blog, you may email it to me instead.

    Choose at least one:

    Note: You can always combine the prompts into one entry.

    (Optional) Write a passage continuing your entry from last week week (or whichever week you'd prefer). If you can, try to continue it using one of the following prompts.
    • Write a passage using these items: sword, lily, key (submitted by Savannah P)
    • Write a passage based on this picture (submitted by Shelby)
    • Write a passage either incorporating this phrase OR based on this phrase:  
      The fog lifted for a moment, just long enough to see. (submitted by Esther)
    *If your prompt was selected, be sure to claim your points here

    Post your entry on your blog!:

    If you're posting your entry on your blog (+2 points), please add your link below rather than in the comments. And don't forget to claim your points here!

    Submit your prompt idea!:

    The prompts that are used for Monday's Minute Challenge are submitted by the participants. Here's how this works:
    • You will be able to submit 3 prompts each week in the same format as above: three objects, one picture, and a piece of dialogue or phrase.
    • On Mondays, I will choose 3 prompts that have been submitted by 3 different people.
    • If your prompt is selected, you will receive 2 points!
    • You may submit in the comments below.

    Would you like to participate in several new writing prompt
    challenges throughout the week?

    Now you can!

    First, be sure to you like my Facebook page. Throughout the week, I will post several new writing prompts that YOU have previously sent in for Monday's Minute Challenge. 

    Feel free to participate! You may do so by leaving a comment on the post, and/or by sharing the post to your own Facebook page. 

    (Keep in mind that these entries will not be judged, nor will you receive points if your prompt is chosen.)

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    1. Picture prompt:

      Item prompt: pajamas, dew, shopping bag

      Sentence prompt: Of course, all of this would have been a whole lot easier if I had just listened in the first place.


    2. Alright, sorry if the answer to this question is totally obvious, but how do we claim our points? I got 4 points (I was an honorable mention, and my prompt was used), but I'm not sure how to receive these points. I'm not entirely sure how this 'point' thing works or what the points are used for, to be honest :). This is my first time participating in a MMC, so I'm still trying to learn the ropes. ~Savannah P.

      1. Hello Savannah,
        I don't know if your question has been answered yet, but to claim your points I believe you just have to click the link that is directly underneath the prompts for this week. :)

      2. Oops, sorry, I misread your comment. Just... ignore me. :)

      3. Hi, Savannah!

        Sorry for the delay in responding to your question.

        The point system is there so that each participant in MMC can have the chance to win a prize. This is a "thank you" to everyone who participates, as well as motivation to keep it up! =)

        To claim your points, click here.

        Thanks, S. Brightly, for responding to her question also!


    3. Item prompts: mask, heart locket, pen
      Picture prompt:
      Sentence prompt: How could everything be ok, when everyone she loved was gone?

    4. Item prompts: River, necklace, staircase
      Picture prompt:
      Sentence prompt: She was afraid of what she might see when she lifted her hand from her eyes.

      ~Savannah P.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. The first comment published before I was quite ready!
        Here's my second attempt at submitting prompts:

        Items prompt: rose, afghan, collar
        Picture prompt:
        Sentence prompt: “In the distance I see him, beckoning us all to our death.”

    6. Here's my story:

      I couldn’t remember who I was. Or why I was slumped on the ground of an ethereal throne room, my head throbbing painfully.
      A woman loomed over me, a lily-of-the-valley crown perched upon her brow, but it did nothing to soften her features. It was as if she tried to be beautiful, but beauty fled from her in fear, leaving only harshness.
      “The key, you useless girl!” She hissed.
      I scrambled frantically to stand. “Who are you?”
      “Do you think me daft?” She snarled. “Give me the key.”
      My breathing quickened, and my hand tightened unconsciously around the hilt of the sword I held. I wished I could remember how to use it. I shifted nervously, and felt something sway around my neck. Reaching for it, my fingers made contact with warm silver. A key.
      If only I could regain my memories! Should I give her the key? Was it of importance?
      Was I of importance?
      I stared uneasily into the woman‘s eyes. “And what will you give me?”
      “You dare to barter with me?!” She screeched. “You insolent creature!”
      She lunged forward, fingers grasping thin air as I lurched away, gasping at the pain that filled my head. My vision flickered, and I fell, slamming against a wall. The lady lifted her arm, dagger in hand, poised to kill.
      “Wait!” I shouted. “Wait.”
      I yanked the key off my neck. “I’ll give it to you, if you will tell me who I am … and who you are.”
      The woman clicked her tongue. “Rosalynn, I should think you would recognize your own mother/”
      Seizing the key from my hand, she spoke coldly to someone I couldn‘t see. “Take her away. She is no longer of use to me.”
      A sharp pain rent my thoughts, and everything went black.

      ~Savannah P.

    7. Objects Prompt: Bus, phone booth, calendar
      Picture Prompt:
      Phrase Prompt: There was nothing I could do anymore. Nothing could stop this.

    8. My entry:


    9. My prompts:
      2) He felt himself slip into darkness.
      3) Root, spear, leaves

    10. Hey, I think I'm late for submitting, and I altered the prompt a bit. So just ignore this if it's breaking the rules.

      I used the sentence promt and its 142 words.

      I was falling asleep. Maybe I was asleep. The room was dark, rain fell on the roof and I was comfortable and warm.
      I jerked awake. My sister was shaking. Panic in my throat, my mind foggy, I reached over and grabed her arm.
      But she had already stopped. The fog lifted, long enought to see. She had not had a seizure, like I'd thought. Just moving in her sleep.
      I sank back, trying to calm my breath. Stupid mistake. Especially since it happened almost every night. In spite of how often it happened, I couldn't stop myself. The image of her seizing, every muscle tight, her eyes empty, stayed.
      I couldn't stop thinking, when will it happen again?

      Thanks for doing these, Tessa!


    Thanks for stopping by my blog!