Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Creative Writing Course & Lessons for Teens! {+Giveaway: $10 Amazon gift card OR writing critique!}

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When I was a teen, I had a passion for storytelling, a dream to become an author, and yet no idea where to begin.

So, I enrolled in a creative writing course through my school and lessons through Christian Writers Guild. I read every book on the craft that I could get my hands on. I studied, launched this blog, and attended my first writing conference at 16.

When I was 19, my first YA novel, PURPLE MOON, was published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. 

Since then, I have taught creative writing to teenagers through workshops, my blog, as well as a column on

And now, I have opened a creative writing course and mentoring program just for teenagers. 

This program is perfect for the teenager who:
  • has a passion for writing
  • is 13 - 19 years old 
  • is exploring the option of becoming an author some day
  • is currently writing a book, or is interested in writing one
  • is homeschooled, OR is able to set aside focused time each week to grow their craft 

WRITE NOW at a glance . . . 

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Discovering the Story of Your Heart

This month will be focused on the art of storytelling and basics of creative writing. I believe that every student should first discover the joy of writing before moving onto the “rules of writing”—that way, they will have a foundation of which they can build their craft and career. 

Bringing Your Story to Life

This month, we will delve into the craft of creative writing. The student will learn principles and will be mentored through the process of bringing their story to life. They will develop their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and transform their book into one that will come to life in a reader’s imagination and potentially gain the attention of an agent/publisher.

Putting Your Dream into Action

This month, we will discuss ways in which a student can gain experience and credentials through entering contests and publishing in magazines/websites. They will also become familiar with how a book is published, how to increase chances of signing with an agent/publisher by building an online platform, and the steps they can take now to reach their long-term goals.

By the end of this program, the student should be able to make an informed decision on whether or not creative writing is a career path they may want to pursue.  

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*Don't delay! I can only take on 6 clients at a time. 

Anyone who signs up for this program between now and September 1st, 2015 will receive the first month for only $85. 

The first 3 people who register will also receive a free autographed copy of PURPLE MOON!

Click here for more information about this creative writing course for teens, as well as a chance to test the waters without obligations.

And now for a giveaway!

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Where are you along your writing journey? What steps are you taking to pursue your dreams? 

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  1. This sounds awesome, Tessa! I will really pray about signing up for the course. I have been wanting a writing mentor for a while now, and this might be the right opportunity for me.


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