Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Greatest Gift I Have Ever Received

When I was a kid, Easter meant painting eggs and finding Easter baskets. It meant sneaking a few bites of my chocolate bunny before church, then going on an Easter egg hunt afterwards.

As I grew older, though, the real meaning of Easter became more than just a Bible story I was taught year after year. Easter became more significant to me than just another commercial holiday.

As it should have. Because I soon realized that my salvation in Christ was the Greatest Gift I could have ever received.

Over time, however, I’ve forgotten that this present isn’t just to be opened once; rather, it’s never-ending. It’s the Ultimate Gift that never ends, and I get to look forward to unwrapping it every day of my life. Not just on the day that I received my salvation.

Wouldn’t it be silly if I left a present unwrapped on my birthday, simply because I received one last year? What if I treated it as if it were simply decoration, just to admire, yet never did tear off the wrapping and cherish the contents inside?

Likewise, I hear the story of Jesus’ death so often that sometimes I find myself simply admiring the story. I forget to delve deeper and actually treasure the core of the gift, which contains ... {Continue reading}

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