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The Perks of Having a Writer Friend

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Let's face it: Being a writer can get lonely at times. It's not easy to find someone who shares the same weird passion for words as you do, someone you can discuss your characters with as if they were real people, someone who understands the mind of a writer.

It's hard to become friends with someone who you just have nothing in common with. 

So when Caroline George (YA author of The Prime Way Program) and I began to meet last summer to plan our book tour, we connected immediately. We were alike in the way that we had both struggled to "fit in" at school, the way that we shared the same passion for stories, and the fact that we both had our books published as a teenager.

And now, not only are we continuing to tour, but we also have a YouTube channel, send each other the chapters of our current work in progress, dream about our futures as an author, text each other our current writing music and actors/actresses that could play our characters, spend all day writing together, borrow books from each other, and drink a little too much coffee. ;) 

Caroline and I spent 5 hours the other day hovered over our laptops, headphones
in ears, and writing at a local coffee shop. =)
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Teaching a writing workshop for teens on the art of storytelling.
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Our version of a Friday night house party, which consists of writing
our books, drinking homemade lattes, and jamming out to our writing playlist.
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At the photoshoot for the book cover of Caroline's current WIP.
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Taking a selfie with Kyle.
a character in Caroline's The Prime Way Program. =D
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Creating writing inspiration/storyboards.
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The first video we filmed together.
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{Prepare yourselves for my awful
speaking-in-front-of-camera skills please}
Our first book signing together
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Discussing our book tour last summer at Starbucks.
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I've already mentioned some benefits to having a writer friend, but here are my top 3: 

     1. Your passion for writing is ignited.

You're able to keep the passion for writing (and reading) flamed as you discuss why both of you love this craft. I believe this is the greatest benefit to having a writer friend since it gives you an extra "push" to complete your book. 

     2. You have the potential to grow as a writer.

As you share your writing with each other, you are able to get their perspective and feedback. Not only will this help to spot your weaknesses, but it will help you to develop your strengths as well. 

     3. You can dream about the future together. 

I believe it's important to dream: To write down goals and create a vision for your future. Without a dream, how are you supposed to know which direction to take, or what you would like to do in life? 

Since you and your writing friend share a similar dream, you will be able to hold each other accountable in achieving these goals. (Plus, it's fun sharing a writing journey alongside a friend! You can both share the same excitement when a new milestone is reached along the journey towards both of your dreams. =) )

It's important to have a writer friend; someone who can "get" you. Someone who can share your quirks. Someone who understands your passions and won't give you a strange look when you spend the entire day talking about your make-believe-world or a fictional crush. ;)

                                         ♡ ♡ 

And speaking of writing friends ... today is Caroline's 18th birthday! 

For those who don't know, Caroline George is the author of YA sci-fi dystopian trilogy, The Prime Way Program. She is a 2-time nominee for Georgia Author of the Year Award and has been on a book tour with me since last fall. 

She is also a Christ-lover, a coffee-enthusiast, and a book-nerd. (As well as an incredibly smart college student and a talented singer and a self-taught-guitar-player and song-writer and a certified barista and an aspiring screenwriter and casting director and filmmaker ... *deep breath*) 

It would be AWESOME if you could show Caroline some love on her birthday. 

She is currently hard at work on her third novel, which she plans to pitch this August at the Writer's Digest Conference. And I'm not just saying this because she's my friend: I am literally going to be in shock if this book does not end up on a future-best-seller-list. It's that good.

So with that being said, don't you think you should get to know Caroline before she makes it big time? ... =)   

If so, below are ways you can order a Kindle version OR paperback copy of her books: 

And here are ways you can connect with Caroline online:

Thanks, everyone! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE! =D

! Do you have any writer friends? If not, what do you think would be the greatest benefit if you had one?

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  1. I have two writer friends! My friend Anna and my friend Emily. Anna and I collab on a few things... We're probably not going to get it published but it's fun anyway... And I send Emily paragraphs of my WIPs. In turn, she sends me some of hers. It is really fun to have someone that understands my obsession.



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