Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Currently... {Christmas 2014}

I am currently...

Sipping On:
  • A Mexican holiday mocha (sugar-free). The recipe was sent in my newsletter yesterday--so if you are not subscribed and would like the recipe, first sign up for my newsletter by clicking here, then email me at christiswrite (at) gmail (dot) com and I will be sure to send it to you! =)
  • This Holiday blend from CounterCulture. It is seriously the best Christmas blend I've tried. {Yes, even better than Starbucks'!}


On My Bookshelf: 
I've been very ADD in my reading recently {okay, fine, I always am}. 
Here are the books I'm currently reading/haven't finished reading/just started reading:

{Yes, I am on a bit of a dystopian fiction binge ... haha} 

On My Christmas Playlist:
  • "Christmas" by Michael Buble
  • Country Christmas Radio station on Pandora
  • "A Very Merry Christmas" by Dave Barnes
  • "The Heart of Christmas" by Matthew West
  • "Wrapped in Red" by Kelly Clarkson
  • "We Have a Savior" by Hillsong
  • "Snow Globe" by Matt Wertz

Thankful For:

photo credit: Skakerman via photopin cc
  • The incredible 21st birthday that I had last week.
  • That I was able to visit my sister and her husband in Charleston for a couple of weeks.
  • That I have officially conquered my fear and have spoken to five schools/homeschool groups so far. =)
  • That it's Christmas! 

  • My Dexcom {continuous glucose monitor}. The fact that it alerts me when I am high or low. That I don't have to prick my finger as often. That I can sleep better at night knowing that it'll alert me if I'm high/low. This thing is such a relief.
  • The fact that there have been Type 1 Diabetics who have been off of their insulin because of the raw food diet {which is the kind of food that God had originally intended for us to eat}.
  • The cold weather and Christmas lights and leafless trees.
  • The Holiday blend from CounterCulture coffee.
  • The show, Shark Tank.
  • Creating my vision and goals for 2015.


photo credit: Entrer dans le rêve via photopin cc
  • That it'll be a white Christmas like it was four years ago.
  • That I will be able to stop taking insulin once I begin the raw food & vegan lifestyle.
  • That I will have an opportunity to get involved in Christian films in 2015.
  • That I will get accepted to Bethel School of Ministry once I apply. 
  • That my hair will stop falling out {and that I'll figure out the cause of it}.

Taking Pictures Of:
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This Time Last Year:
I have been recently enjoying taking a peak into my past through the app, Timehop. This has inspired me to share with you a glimpse of what my life looked like this time last year:

On Instagram: 
My sister had just been proposed to! She and her husband have now been married for seven months and live in Brooklyn, NY. =)
For more pictures from my past, check out my Instagram {and don't forget to follow!}.

On My Blog:
Posts from last December ...

Looking Forward To:
photo credit: Shandi-lee via photopin cc
  • Having my entire family together for Christmas!
  • A new year. =)
  • Getting on my insulin pump next week.
  • Caroline George spending the night with me next week (and seeing the movie Interstellar with her).
  • Making raw-food treats for Christmas.

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday!! I love this post!!

  2. Awesome post! I saw the mocha in your newsletter, I will have to try it :)
    I'm really interested in how the raw food & vegan lifestyle will work for you!


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