Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ruth: Remaining Faithful During Hardships

Up until two months ago, it was easy for me to view the trials I went through as being temporary. I knew they were just a season that would soon pass.

I guess that was the writer in me: I tend to see my life as a story. And in a story, characters have to go through hardships. If it wasn’t for those hardships then there would be no story. 

Two months ago, however, my faith was stretched. It has become harder to maintain this outlook after my doctor diagnosed me with type 1 diabetes. 

Yes, there have been times when I was tempted to get angry with God, tempted to ask Him what I did to deserve this disease. 

But you know what? That kind of approach isn’t going to help anything—instead, it’s only going to make it worse. 

After recently reading the book of Ruth, I felt kind of silly for this attitude. Because even though Ruth had lost her husband, she didn’t allow herself to remain in self-pity. {Continue reading at Whole Magazine!}

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{PS: Sorry for the lack of posting recently! I've been pretty busy this month with editing, book tour stuff, making journals for Etsy (coming soon!), and school. I hope to get back on track soon, though! =)}
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