Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Top 10 Must-Read Books for This Fall

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As I mentioned in last week's post, there is no other season that is more suitable to curling up with a book than autumn. (Although winter comes very close!) And since I haven't read enough books in the past few months, I have decided to make myself an extra-long to-read list for this fall. =)
I don't know about you, but I always seem to be more inspired to write when I am constantly reading books. So if you are a writer, make sure that you are leaving time to read as well. 
And if you need any ideas on what to read, check out my to-read list for this fall below!:
1. "The Maze Runner"
by James Dashner

by John Green

by Jenny B. Jones

by Stephen King

5. "Awaken
by Katie Kacvinsky

6. "Hit"
by Lorie Ann Grover

by Gina Holmes

8. "Remnants"
by Lisa T. Bergren

by Erin Spineto

by Elaine Marie Cooper

Now it's time to burn my favorite autumn candles, make a fall-inspired latte, put on some acoustic music, and immerse myself in a book ... or ten. =) 

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Have you read any of these? 
What books are on your fall must-read list?

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  1. Ooo, those first three = YES! I have to read The Maze Runner (or I'd like to), I've read The Fault in our Stars and cannot wait to read Jenny's new book. Also, Lisa's too; I'm betting it's awesome. :)

    1. I've read the beginning of The Maze Runner already and it's amazing! I can't wait to see the movie. I've seen the movie of The Fault in Our Stars and am on chapter 5 of the book, I think. Love it so far, too! And of course, I am so excited that Jenny B. Jones finally has a new book out. =)

  2. I've read The Maze Runner, and it completely gripped me. I need to get the rest of the series, though, to make a good assessment. I haven't read any of the other ones, but I kind of want to read Driftwood Tide. The only reason I'm hesitant is because Crossing Oceans, the last Gina Holmes book I read, made me cry. Hard. :D

    1. The only book I’ve read by Gina Holmes was Wings of Glass, and I absolutely loved it (and highly recommend!). Crossing Oceans does sound a bit depressing, though!

  3. I want to read The Maze Runner, but I am yet to find a copy. I enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars and I am now looking out for a copy of Paper Towns to read next :)

    1. I like The Fault in Our Stars so far, too. That’s strange you haven’t found a copy of The Maze Runner yet! Have you thought about ordering it from Amazon?

    2. Hey Tessa I would be careful if you ever want to watch the movie "Maze Runner" I watched it and it took me a while to get over some of the stuff I saw in the movie. Sometimes I still see some of the scenes in my head. Just if you ever want to watch it do it with caution.

  4. Rachelle, this one's lighter. Any subject would be lighter than a dying mother going home to tell the man she left behind that he's about to inherit a daughter he didn't know he had. ha!

    Thank you so much for including my novel in this excellent list!

    1. The premise of Crossing Oceans sounds very interesting, too! I also read Wings of Glass and absolutely loved it. I have a feeling I’ll enjoy Driftwood Tides just as much. =)

      Thank you for commenting!

    2. Well, that's a relief! :) It was a pretty deep topic! Despite the tears, I really did enjoy the story, though. :)

  5. I read TFIOS (the fault in our stars) It was so good I cried


  6. i'm currantly reading By Darkness Hid. Have not had much time to blog, vist blogs, or read since school started though


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