Monday, October 27, 2014

Currently... {Fall 2014}

Currently Reading . . . 

Currently Listening To . . . 

  • 1989 by Taylor Swift
  • Bethel worship music

Currently Sipping On . . . 

  • Homemade sugar-free, dairy-free, and organic lattes: pumpkin spice, Mexican mochas, peanut butter mochas, cinnamon, etc.

Currently Watching . . .

Currently Working On . . . 

  • Editing/rewriting the sequel to Purple Moon
  • Working for Devozine as apart of their Teen Advisory Board
  • Continuing to write articles for Whole Magazine
  • On a book tour with teen author, Caroline George
  • Creating a new design for my website

Currently Taking Pictures Of . . . 

What my life has looked like recently since my last "currently" post:

When I visited my sister and her husband in NY last August--don't worry,
I'm not usually that small. This was before my diagnosis.
Visiting my other sister & brother-in-law in Charleston, SC last July.
(And no that horse is not my sister.)
My article is on the cover of Guide magazine! =)
The first stop on my book tour this fall at a homeschool group in Charleston, SC. 
The second stop on my book tour at the school I used to attend. =)
Peanut butter mocha at one of my favorite coffee shops.

When my sister visited recently. =)
Third stop on my fall book tour, at the FreshTaste event in my hometown.
Fourth stop on my book tour with author Caroline George in Forest City, NC.

Currently Looking Forward To . . .

  • Halloween! Or as what I like to call, "fall celebration day".
  • Thanksgiving--my second favorite holiday!
  • My 21st birthday. =)

~ ~ ~ 
How has your fall been so far? 
What is it that you're currently reading, listening to, watching, etc.?

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  1. Wow, sounds exciting, busy and full! I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, too! We're actually having our Thanksgiving a week early, then my sister and I are heading several states away to be with some good friends for their Thanksgiving.
    Currently I'm working on getting ready for my upcoming book release. It's crazy how much work goes into a book being released! I'm shoulder-deep in perp for my blog tour. Plus, I have a story I post a segment of it on my blog each week, so writing that and of course blogging.
    I've been reading... Well, a lot. I've read almost 13 books this month. Right now I'm in the middle of A Tale of Two Cities.
    Listening? At this very moment I'm listening to "I could play the background" by Lecrae and right before that I was listening to the soundtrack to the first Narnia movie. I've also been listening to a lot of the dramatized New Testament and *shhhh* Christmas music.
    And this is getting rather long. This is what you call procrastinating when *someone* is supposed to be working on a blog tour...

    1. Sounds fun! And I can completely relate--there is sooo much work involved in releasing a book. Let me know if you'd like to stop by my blog on your blog tour!

      I wish I could read that many books in such a short amount of time. I like to take my time reading books, which gets frustrating when your to-read list is sooo high, haha.

      Oh I love Lecrae! And Narnia. And don't worry, it is never too early to start listening to Christmas music. =)


  2. Looks like a busy time, Tessa - but congrats on all your events and book success!

    Good luck with book two.

    Ooo! Jenny B. Jones books (love her) and 1989, both excellent choices. ;) Curious about 'Maze Runner' since I plan to read that prior to seeing the movie. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Rissi!

      I love Jenny B. Jones too--she's probably one of my favorite YA authors. And I am enjoying 1989 way more than I thought I would! (The album, not the year, haha.)



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