Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 Autumn Latte Recipes You Have to Try This Season

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There is no other season besides autumn that is more suitable to getting cozy by the fire while warming up with a latte. And although the pumpkin spice latte is obviously a fall-favorite, why should we settle on just one drink when we have so many to choose from? 
The following recipes are ones I discovered while doing a bit of "research" for the sequel to Purple Moon. I have yet to try all of these, however I plan on kicking off the first day of fall by doing just that! (Although in my mind it is already fall. Summer is officially over when Starbucks comes out with their PSL, right?)
Here are 5 must-try latte recipes for this fall:

1. Autumn spice latte.

This latte mixes all of our favorite tastes of autumn into one cup, making it the perfect latte to sip on when wanting to come down with a bit of fall-fever.

2. Toasted marshmallow latte.  

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Disclaimer: Not actual photo of the drink.
photo credit: Andy Ciordia via photopin cc 
What better latte is there to sip on while sitting next to a crackling fire?

3. Maple mocha latte.

This recipe is perfect for all mocha-lovers (such as myself) who want to add just a hint of autumn into their lattes. 
4. Apple pie spice latte.

Who needs a PSL when you can have an APSL ... ? 
5. Pumpkin pie latte.
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Disclaimer: Not actual photo of the drink.
photo credit: jessamyn via photopin cc
Don't get me wrong: I do love pumpkin spice lattes. So for those who are wanting just a slight change from their usual fall-favorite, this drink would be a great place to start!

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Let me know if you try any of these recipes! Who knows, you may find a drink you enjoy far more than the Starbucks' PSL. (You would definitely save a lot of $!)

Do you have any recipes for autumn lattes you would like to share? What is your favorite drink to have in the fall?
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  1. Oooh I want to try them all!! They look SO GOOD! =) Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Love the new fall design!!

    1. I know! I especially can't wait to try the toasted marshmallow latte. (I actually incorporated that one into Purple Moon's sequel! =) )

      Thank you!!

  2. WELL these look delicious! I LOVE anything caffeinated ;) And it's fall. It makes me think of days getting darker, and mornings getting more filled with coffee ;)

    1. Ah I can't wait for that! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Perfect for staying inside and writing, reading, and drinking coffee ... all of my favorite things. =)

      Thanks for commenting!!


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