Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Am I Too Messed Up to Receive God’s Grace?

Have you ever wondered this? Maybe you’ve heard about Jesus, but you’ve never accepted him before, only because you’re afraid that He won’t accept you. Or perhaps you’re already a Christian, but you’ve made some pretty bad choices recently that you just don’t think God could forgive.

I think many Christians—and non-Christians who feel too “dirty” to receive Jesus—have experienced this guilt at least once. However, when we say that we’re too dirty for God’s grace, we’re basically saying that His grace isn’t enough to cover our sins.

Let’s say that you’ve spent the entire day hiking. When you come home, you wouldn’t avoid taking a shower just because you feel too dirty, would you? Of course not! That would go against the entire purpose of taking a shower.

The same should apply with God’s grace. {Continue reading}

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  1. Yes i have wondered that before. A few days a go i felt depressed as if i had been attacked by satan very badly. Somehow with Go's grace i was able to get back up and fight back satan and his lies satan wants me to think i am a stupid idiot but i will not listen to Satans lies

  2. Good analogy.
    God's grace is stronger than any of our dirt.


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