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"Purple Moon" is a Selah Award Finalist! {+ Updates & chances to win prizes!}

If any of you have read Purple Moon, you might have picked up on the fact that I am passionate about the Blue Ridge mountains, coffee, Jesus, and--well, writing. This is why I never fail to miss the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference. Since it is only a couple of hours from where I live, it is the only "big" Christian writing conference that I have attended. And honestly, I don't think I could go a year without it!

If you have yet to attend a writer's conference, you're missing out! No matter your age, I think every aspiring (and experienced) writer should try to attend at least one per year. And you don't have to wait until you have saved enough money to go to one of the "big" ones; in fact, there are several conferences that last only for a couple of days yet could be just as beneficial for your career.

But if you need more convincing, here is a summary of what takes place at a writer's conference:
  • You attend classes taught by professionals throughout the day. The workshops at BRMCWC consist of: fiction writing, screenwriting, poetry, freelance/magazine writing, marketing, etc.
  • You attend a group meeting every morning and evening, which is when all of the conferees listen to an inspiring (and/or humorous) key note.  
  • You are given the opportunity to share your meals with editors, agents, and professional writers. (You also make great connections with other writers during meal-time!)
  • You can sign up for 15 minute appointments with the faculty members (editors, agents, and professionals). I've heard that you have to pay to schedule appointments at other writing conferences, however they are completely free at Blue Ridge. (Yet another reason why I love this conference!)
  • You visit the coffee shop on campus several times throughout the day. (Or at least I do...)
  • You can stay up late in the lobby talking with other writers. 
  • If you are a teen or young adult (and there isn't a teen track), you will stand out in the crowd and be mistaken that you are 5 years younger than you actually are. (I can't count how many times this happened to me this year! Not sure if I should be offended or flattered by this...)
Here are some pictures I took from BRMCWC last week {be sure to like my Facebook page for more!}:

    With my agent, Sally Apokedak, and writer friends. 
With my special writing friend, Katy Kauffman. I met her the very first year I attended BRMCWC,
and both of our debut books released within the same month of each other!

    With Katy again on genre night! Can you guess what my favorite genre is...? 
    With my mom, who has come with me to every conference since 2010. =)
Staying up late the last night of the conference with writer friends
(two of which are actually my age!). 

Spotted Purple Moon in the Lifeway on campus (next to Katy's book!). 

Then, the last night of the conference is the award ceremony! Placing in a contest is the perfect chance for unpublished writers to get noticed. Sadly, I've never entered a contest any of my previous years (although my mom did enter my blog last year without my recollection, and it actually placed 2nd!).

However, this year I entered Purple Moon into the Selah Awards, which is their contest for published authors. I honestly didn't expect to win, only because of the tough competition from seasoned writers . . . so you can imagine my surprise when it was announced that Purple Moon was a finalist in two categories: YA Fiction and First Novel! 
With all of the authors (and editors) from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
who finaled in the Selah Awards.

My mom and I at the banquet
Needless to say, these certificates have given me just the confidence boost I needed to continue editing my second novel. (If you're a writer, you might understand the self-doubts that comes along with editing/rewriting!).

Purple Moon Book Signing
in Lake Lure, NC! 

Do you live in/near North Carolina? If so, I'd love to see you at my book signing next month in Lake Lure, NC! For those who aren't aware, Lake Lure is the setting of Purple Moon. Not only that, but the book signing will take place at a coffee shop--and if you have read the book, you know just how significant that is.

But that's not all: the name of the coffee shop is Carolina Moon . . . a mix between the title of my book and my publishing company's name! Crazy how God worked that out. ;)

Anyway, I'd love to have you stop by!

When?: Friday, June 27th, 2 - 4 pm
Where?: Carolina Moon Coffee Shop in Lake Lure, NC
What?: I will be signing copies of Purple Moon. There will also be coffee (obviously), chocolate, bookmarks, and other goodies!

Hope to see you there!

Purple Moon Party: 
Summer Kick-Off Edition!

Rather than kicking off the summer with only one giveaway, I have decided to hold a Purple Moon Party that will take throughout the entire summer! And by participating, you are almost guaranteed to win prizes.

Here's how it works:
  • Anyone can participate (even if you have already read Purple Moon). 
  • You will send me an email to let me know that you are participating.
  • I will send you PDFs that include activities you can participate in, which will increase your chances of winning prizes! 
  • You will also have the chance to compete for the Grand Prize. The person who wins this is the one who participated in the most activities and convinced their friends to purchase a copy of Purple Moon (which you will keep track of by the PDFs that I send you).    
  • The PDFs will also contain behind-the-scenes facts about Purple Moon, a sneak peak into Selena's diary and sketchbook, etc.
  • Winners will be selected each week.
  • The Grand Prize winner will be announced on August 6th.
  • Everyone who participates will also be given a badge for them to place on their blog to announce that they are participating.
  • If you post the badge, then your blog will be posted on my sidebar as well. 
Prizes you could win:
  • The Grand Prize will receive the Purple Moon Party Package, which includes extra discussion questions, coffee recipes, tips on how to throw a Purple Moon party, etc. They will also receive a Purple Moon mug, sketch journal, autographed copy of Purple Moon, and will have the option to video chat with me on Skype during their Purple Moon Party!
  • Amazon and Starbucks gift cards
  • A personalized, hand-crafted journal
  • Free writing and/or blog critique
  • A 30-minute video chat with me via Skype
  • An autographed copy of Purple Moon
  • Random surprises in the mail, including: A handwritten thank you card along with extra goodies (including chocolate, tea, etc.)
  • Other YA Christian fiction novels
  • And more!
Interested in participating? Email me at christiswrite (at) gmail (dot) com! =)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I want the Grand Prize so bad now! I definitely want to sign up! :D

  2. Wish I lived closer!! It would be really cool to meet you in person. I just read Purple Moon last month and I can't wait for the second one. :)

    Sounds like fun. I'll have to sign-up. :)

    Thanks Tessa!

  3. How do I join the Monday Minute Challange?

  4. Mikayla, you can participate any time! Just leave a comment on the Monday's Minute Challenge post with your entry. =)


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