Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Minute Challenge

What is Monday's Minute Challenge?

A quick writing challenge (and contest) to help get your creative juices flowing for the new week.

Rules & Prizes:
  1. Only the writing prompt entries--not the journal prompts--will be entered into the contest.
  2. If there are over 5 entries, the panel of judges will select a 2nd and 1st place. However, if there is under 5 entries, the panel of judges will select only one winner.
  3. The 2nd place winner will receive a badge for their blog, and the 1st place winner will receive a badge, as well as a free ebook of my YA novel, PURPLE MOON.
  4. The winner will be chosen based on the judges's preferences, as well as the following questions: Does this entry capture my attention immediately? Does it make me want to continue reading? Is the writing clear? They will also take into consideration the writer's voice and style--not necessarily technical issues, such as grammar, punctuation, etc. 
  5. The same person cannot win first place two weeks in a row. 
  6. This is only for fun and to stretch your writing muscles--not necessarily to be taken too seriously. =)

Last Week's Winner(s)...

Since there were only 4 entries for the writing prompt category, there will only be one winner (see the rules above). The entry that the judges thought was the most intriguing (based on rule #4) is ... 
I never imagined my new year would begin this way. Stranded.
Hiking down a country road that's practically devoid of life other than a squirrel or two yelling at me from the comfort of their trees. Half way to my parents house my car broke an axle in a deep pot hole. So much for road workers.
Dusk is closing in fast so I pick up my pace. Spending a night out in the middle of nowhere with who-knows-what peeking at me from the bushes is hardly my idea of a Happy New Year. I press on even though my feet are killing me. I find it weird that I can still feel my feet since I lost contact will all my digits at least a half an hour ago. Suddenly I stop.
There was something in the bushes up ahead of me. My heart beat raced like a mouse in a room full of cats. Whatever it was moved out of the bushes and made its way toward me. I stood frozen not knowing what to do or even knowing if I could do it. A scream formed in my throat but could not escape past the lump in my throat.
There was nowhere to run.
Congratulations, His Princess! Please leave your email address in the comments (or email me) and I will be sure to have your prizes sent to you ASAP. =)

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

How to Submit:

You may submit your challenge response in the comments section below. (If you would like to make it even more challenging, set a timer for 60 seconds and see how much writing you can get done in that amount of time.) Your response should range between 1 - 3 paragraphs.

You can also post your challenge response on your blog, and then create your own challenge for your readers! However, make sure that you link back to this post and use the image above. If you are participating on your blog, be sure to submit your link in the comments and I will add it to the list of participants at the end of this post.

Today's Challenge Is...

Choose at least one:
  • List five things on your bucket list for 2014 and why you hope to accomplish them.
  • Finish this: I could not believe who the new kid at school was. 


Are you participating on your blog? If so, make sure that you have linked to this blog, and included the above picture. Submit your post's link and I will be sure to add it to this list!


  1. I could not believe who the new kid at school was. He slid his hood off and his familiar green eyes scanned the cafeteria. As he noticed me, his lips curled into a smirk. I couldn't believe this was happening. The boy that had stalked me all summer was here. The boy that I'd thought I'd finally gotten rid of.

    My feet seemed to freeze in the cafeteria; I tried to break free, but I couldn't move. I frowned and averted my eyes from him. Pinching my lower arm, I hoped this was all a dream. But as the boy started walking toward me, my stomach churned and my vision turned black.

    Thanks for the writing prompt, Tessa! This was fun :)

    1. Wow! I love it. Very intriguing. =)

      Thanks for participating, Jillian!

  2. I posted it here:

    Thanks so much Tessa!! I had so much fun! :)

  3. I could not believe who the new kid at school was. At fist I could not believe my eyes! was this a nightmare... or was this real???? How did she find me? that was what I was thinking when i saw that the proclaimed new girl was actually the Lesbian girl who bullied 10 year old sarah to death for saying that it is a sin to be lesbian. The athorities had taken no action because arresting the beast would cause attacks.
    Sarah was the daughter of Pastor Adkins of the First Baptist, and her faith was a light to so many others. I thought that anti christ of a girl had been arrested for Sarah's murder. As Sarah's BFF/BF , I felt that something had to be done about that uncaged monster, and that if the authorites would not listen, I would give them proof enough to send the monster back to it's cage in jail. I decided that it was time for the monster to be slayed.
    At recess i decided to continue Sarah's message, at all costs. I myself was a Methodist. On my way home from school I saw a black '95 Toyota Camry come up to to me and before i Knew it , The monster had me in it's evil jaws. I knew the unlawful consequences that would follow my action, but when your life is on a wire and a monster has hit you in the head two times and is about to shoot a hole thrugh your stumach with a illegal gun. you do not have much choice. blood running down my face, i used my last bit of strengh to defend myself. Not thinking anything but escape , and needing to use the bathroom, I ran up the stairs of a apartment building that was abandoned due to fire damage. with luck, I found one of the apartment units had a unlocked door. As i walked into this creepy old apartment , i felt a chill of fear come over me, as if something wrong was going to happen. I was uncertain what i would see next. . I then went into a bathroom and was finaly able to go to the bathroom. As I turned on the bathroom lights, i wondered who used to live here. The bathroom was shockingly clean. Went to the bedroom and found it realy dusty. while rumaging around, I found a rusty old Colt revolver in a box of hunting equipment. after loading the firearm she sat there, but not for long. A few minutes latter there was banging at the door. The monster had found me, and there was no escape, for this time the monster also had brought some devils with her. A few minutes before I had sent a goodbye text to my sister and called the police. With no Cance of survival, i did the next best thing. As the monster pounced at the door, i found a lighter. KNowing doing this was aginst the law and almost complete suicide, I did it. The monster came in , and started to attack agian, but her killing me was not to happen. I locked the door which was the only exit, and took the chance, It was ether me die and they win, or we all die. I screamed at that moment " die , You Beast! " and lit a chair on fire . The unit went aflame, and then i a few minutes the whole building was on fire. I vaugely heard sirens in the background, when the roof caved in. I remembered no more. I was sent to the hospital, and when I got out, my family was waiting for me.I heard that my plan worked and the moster and it's buddies were all dead. I was called a hero, and was awarded with a free trip to hawiai. They said how Hawii was in the ring of fire , and i siad " no thanks , i do not want to see fire for a long time ! " - THe End

  4. It still sounds like a lot of fun. A very great idea to have a giveaway, something new and fun. I'm still hoping to find time to enter but school started so it is not looking good. But it is fun to read about it.


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