Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday's Minute Challenge

This year, I have decided to begin something new on my blog. Every Monday, I am going to post a Monday's Minute Challenge--a quick writing challenge to get your creative juices flowing for the new week.

For the month of January, I will choose two responses that I enjoy the most and announce the winners the following week. The second place winner will receive a badge for their blog, and the first place winner will receive a badge, as well as a free ebook of my YA novel, PURPLE MOON. =)

How it Works:

You may submit your challenge response in the comments section below. (If you'd like to make it even more challenging, set a timer for 60 seconds and see how much writing you can get done in that amount of time.) Your response should range between 1 - 3 paragraphs.

You can also post your challenge response on your blog, and then create your own challenge for your readers! However, make sure that you link back to this post and use the image below. If you are participating on your blog, be sure to submit your link in the comments and I will add it to the list of participants at the end of this post.

Today's Challenge Is...

Choose at least one:
  • Write a letter to yourself that you will read in December. If you could ask yourself anything, what would it be?
  • If you could tell yourself anything this time last year, what would it be?
  • Finish this: I never imagined my new year would begin this way. 


Are you participating on your blog? If so, make sure that you have linked to this blog, and included the above picture. Submit your post's link and I will be sure to add it to this list!


  1. I never imagined this would be the way my new year would begin. Stranded.
    Hiking down a country road that's practically devoid of life other than a squirrel or two yelling at me from the comfort of their trees. Half way to my parents house my car broke an axle in a deep pot hole. So much for road workers.
    Dusk is closing in fast so I pick up my pace. Spending a night out in the middle of nowhere with who-knows-what peeking at me from the bushes is hardly my idea of a Happy New Year. I press on even though my feet are killing me. I find it weird that I can still feel my feet since I lost contact will all my digits at least a half an hour ago. Suddenly I stop.
    There was something in the bushes up ahead of me. My heart beat raced like a mouse in a room full of cats. Whatever it was moved out of the bushes and made its way toward me. I stood frozen not knowing what to do or even knowing if I could do it. A scream formed in my throat but could not escape past the lump in my throat. There was nowhere to run.

    Hope you like this little story I made up. :)


    1. I love it! Definitely makes me want to continue reading and find out what happens. =)

      Thanks for participating!

  2. Dear Myself in December, How did your plans for overcoming go? I pray this year was better for you then last. However if it wasn't remember that you survived last year, and you will survive this year as well! Are you as positive as you hoped to be. Have you with God's help quit worrying? Are you enjoying each moment, now instead of thinking so far ahead. Just remember your amazing, you have overcome so much, and will contuine to do so. If God bring's you to it, he will bring you through it, as he always has!

  3. I like a good writing prompt. I think these Monday's shall be good! ...and I'll just post these words. #prince #dog. Yeah I just hashtagged the paragraphs. ;)

    I never imagined this would be the way my new year would begin. Of course, I never imagined that my dog would take it upon his own teeth to style my hair into short layers, either. And so perhaps I wasn’t surprised: it was just that I hadn’t imagined this particular scenario, the way Prince Harry proposed to my mother’s daughter – the daughter that is not me.

    Leila is going to be a Princess like Mia what’s-her-name-Renaldo and I’m going to be a bridesmaid who, when asked where I go to have my hair done, will have to point to the ground where the hound permanently resides practically attached to my foot, teeth snarled and open for business.

    I’ll guess it’ll be okay.

    Once these layers grow out, anyway.

    1. Oh, I love the idea! I think the whole concept of “my sister is marrying a prince” could definitely sell. I hope you keep working on it! By the way, #lovethehashtags. =)

  4. I wil have to see if I can join in sometime, this month or for one of the others. It sounds like fun! But between my book writing and editing I don't have a lot of extra writing time. If I can find it though I shall definitely take part!

    1. No problem, Jack! Just remember that it’s here in case you ever stumble upon a writer’s block. =)

  5. I never imagined this would be the way my new year would begin. The little slip of paper. Written in a childish hand. The date—January 1st, 1993. Exactly thirteen years to the day since it had been written.

    “I’m sitting in the corner. Confused. Ready to scream. Oh Daddy, where are you? Where were you when I cried for you last night? When all hope drained out of me as I saw Mummy fight for her last breath? When I saw her close her eyes for the last time? When her chalky face turned cold and unmoving—forever? Oh, Daddy, what happened? Why didn’t you come? Don’t you know? Am I still your child? Do you even care? Do you even remember that you stumbled out of here, drunk, as the clock struck midnight? The bottles still lay on the filthy floor where you left them. Oh Daddy, Daddy, will you ever remember that I’m still here—waiting, waiting, with nowhere to go and nothing to keep me alive? Daddy, Daddy, come home! Remember, let your mind wake up, and come home! Charlene.”

    I crumple the paper, and it patters to the floor. Exactly thirteen years too late. Thirteen years too late. The chant seems to repeat itself over and over as I pace the small room. My fists clench against the terrible horror. Heartache. Memories. Thirteen years too late. Thirteen years too late.

    - - -
    Thanks for this prompt, Tessa! It was very challenging--and fun--to come up with something like that! Definitely got my creative juices flowing.


    1. Love this! Very mysterious. I'd love to find out what happens (and what did happen!). =)

  6. I'll be doing this, Tessa!! They look exciting... ;D I'll be doing it at my blog Indonesia Around Me ( Thanks!! :D

    TW Wright

    1. Fun!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :D I think I have a new spark for an idea... :)

      I never imagined my new year would begin this way...
      But it did. Now what do I do? Run for it? I couldn't do that. They might find me. And if they did, I would put everyone in danger--not one soul would be saved if I let them find me. It was all up to me.
      There was just one thing: How much longer could I keep up with this?

      I'll always be posting at Indonesia Around Me. :)

      TW Wright

  7. Sorry I didn't get around to this Monday! :(


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