Monday, October 21, 2013

My Writing Journey Timeline - Part 2

Anderson Independent Mail - Photographer: Ken Ruinard

Last year, I posted part 1 of my writing journey (click here to see). Since it was only part 1 and a lot has happened since then, I have decided that it was time to give you part 2 of my writing journey. =) I think I'm going to do this every year from now on. Because not only does it help keep you updated with my writing journey, but it also helps me remember the dates of my journey.

So here you go--part 2 of my writing journey timeline, starting from where I left off last year. =)

August 2012:

  • Started writing a teen column at Whole Magazine
  • I worked on 3 rounds of edits with my editor. So much fun! (And I'm not being sarcastic haha)

September 2013:
  • Assigned to be the editor over the faith department for Temperance Magazine

November 2013:
  • Helped edit/revise a screenplay for God of Moses Entertainment (Rising Dreams, a Christian teen film. Currently funding.)

January 2013:
  • Finished round 3 of edits with my editor
  • Began writing for More To Be

March 2013:
  • Finished writing my second book and began editing/rewriting
  • Attended Write2Ignite conference, which is where I pitched my second book to my soon-to-be agent Sally =)
  • Received the first PDF copy of Purple Moon

May 2013:
With my mom at BRMCWC (our fourth year)
  • Attended Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference, where I pitched my second book to 2 other agents and was asked to send them my manuscript (I still hadn't sent it to Sally yet since I was in the process of revising).
  • Received the "first draft" of the Purple Moon cover
  • Sent the PDF copy of Purple Moon to my beta readers. Such an exciting/scary time for me!
  • Sent off endorsement requests

June 2013:
  • Received the final cover for Purple Moon! The cover designer, Ken Raney, did an excellent job with it. =)

July 2013:
  • Received my first advanced reader copy of Purple Moon! =D
  • Began planning and preparing for my blog tour. Sent blog tour requests to several different bloggers.

August 2013:
  • Finally finished the final draft of Unwritten Melody! Sent the manuscript to the agents who had requested it (including Sally!)
  • Started to really focus on promoting Purple Moon.

September 2013:
  • Received the final print copies of Purple Moon (which had a soft cover rather than glossy)
  • The Purple Moon blog tour launched
  • Purple Moon finally released!
  • Had an interview with my local newspaper reporter, as well as an on-camera interview by the photographer (click here to watch!)
  • Launched and changed the layout/design of

October 2013:
  • My local newspaper released my story (I was on the front cover of the newspaper. Crazy!)
  • After much prayer, I decided to sign with Sally Apokedak from Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency. =)
  • Had my launch party at the Anderson County Museum (my first book signing!) Sold almost 70 copies.
  • I revised the first three chapters of my second book using the suggestions that my agent recommended. (I will also begin the edits with her around the end of November.)
  • Had my second book signing at the Christian school that I graduated from. =)
  • Began writing my next book. =)
  • The article that was published in my local newspaper was picked up by the Associated Press! So far I have found 22 cities that have covered my story this week.
I have also been working on the sequel for Purple Moon, although I'm not sure when I started (approx. 35,000 words so far). I haven't worked on it recently though. I'm just going to wait for God to open the doors for that project, and maybe a publisher (or my current publisher) will publish it. I don't feel like it's time yet though, although I wish it were! I have had several people already tell me that they want the next book. Just pray that God will open the doors in His timing.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me on my writing journey so far. And feel free to post your writing journey on your blog as well! Just make sure to link back to mine, if you don't mind. =)


  1. This is awesome!!! I can't wait to read your book!

  2. What an adventure! You are so inspiring to us wanna-bees!!! Blessings on your book. I can't wait to read it:-)

  3. So cool. As a wanna-be author sometimes it's hard to see progress when you're only at the point of "you and the story". Of course it's still a BIG CRUCIAL part of the journey, but hopefully one day I'll be able to blog such a post as this in addition to the "currently drafting" updates. ^^
    Best wishes on your WIP! Excited to see where God will lead you next. Thanks for sharing your journey thus far!


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