Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Glorify God While Promoting Yourself

As an author, it is vital that I promote my books and brand myself. But as an introvert—as well as a Christian—self-promotion isn't exactly in my comfort zone.

I've never been someone who loves the spotlight. In fact, I'd much rather blend in rather than stand out. However, if I want my book to sell, I have no choice but to promote myself.
My first book signing/launch party

But this isn’t easy. Especially when it feels as if I'm trying to praise myself.

For instance, my cousin made my blog layout (which I absolutely love, by the way). And although it is recommended that authors post pictures of themselves on their blog and website, I sometimes wonder if other people think that I'm trying to glorify myself rather than Christ.

These past few months, I’ve been having to do a lot of self-promotion. I even had to take a semester off school so I could focus on promoting my book.

But having to put up fliers around my town to advertise my launch party made me cringe. Seeing my name all over Facebook on the day of PURPLE MOON’s launch tempted me to hide in a corner.

I’m sure I'm not the only Christian author who has felt this way. Because as children of God, we’re not called to glorify ourselves. We’re called to glorify Christ. So how are we supposed to do this when we’re the ones standing in the spotlight and receiving the praise?

This is what I’ve come to realize: self-promotion isn’t necessarily about promoting ourselves. Sure, as authors, we need to spread buzz about our books. It is important that we let others know who we are. However, God has not given us this spotlight so we can praise ourselves; He has given us this spotlight to see if we will use it to give Him praise.

For me, that's really all I want to do through my writing career: use the gift that God has given me to draw others to Christ, and to show them how much He loves them. When I am interviewed, I try to incorporate this in some way. I don't want people to just see me, but to see Christ in me.

Writers, remember that you are not only promoting yourself. You're a representative of Christ. So in the process of promoting yourself, make sure that you are actually directing others to Him.

Besides, He's the one that has given you the gift. He's the one whom you ultimately want to please by writing Christian fiction. And as Christians, it is our job to make His name known. What better way to do this than through being in the spotlight?

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Summary: For many authors--especially those who may be introverted--self-promotion isn’t exactly comfortable. Some may even see it as praising themselves rather than God. But as children of God, we’re called to step out of our comfort zones. We need to put down our pride and remember that it is ultimately God that we’re glorifying. As a Christian fiction author, it is our job to draw others to Christ in the process of drawing attention to our books.

How to glorify God while promoting yourself by author Tessa Emily Hall @tessaemilyhall Click to tweet!
"It is our job to draw others to Christ in the process of drawing attention to our books." ~ @tessaemilyhall  Click to tweet!

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  1. Very well written ... that's a very tricky subject. I like your take on it. I have pinned your cute red linky box ;)


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