Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Currently Reading...

  • Just finished reading "Divergent" by Veronica Roth...loved it!
  • Currently reading "2 Timothy: Winning the Victory" by Katy Kauffman...can hardly put it down! And I'm not just saying that because Katy is one of my writer friends. I can't help but highlight pretty much the entire book. It's that good. (Review will be up within a month!)

Currently Watching...
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Currently Listening To...

  • Misty Edwards' worship music
  • Jesus Culture's latest album
  • Air1 Christian radio station
  • Country music radio station

Currently Working On...

  • Preparing for my blog tour (kicks off next week!)
  • Trying to promote "Purple Moon" (let me know if you'd like to help!)
  • Brainstorming my 3rd and 4th books (because I'm not sure which one I'm going to write first)

Currently Sipping On...

Starbucks medium roast--because it's too early for Pumpkin Spice Latte (in my opinion), and too late for an iced coffee or frappucino.

Currently Taking Pictures Of...

Currently Looking Forward To...

  • My book release, of course (two more weeks!) =D
  • Fall, my favorite season. <3 font="">

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  1. The Divergent Trilogy is amazing and if you haven't, you NEED to read the other two!!!!!



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