Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's Holding You Back?: Win a signed copy of Purple Moon!

Have you ever noticed that it’s the strong-willed guy who is determined not to give up who always wins a race? It’s never the one who gives up in middle of a race because he twists an ankle or starts having doubts that he’ll win. The winner of a race is always the guy who is determined to win, despite any injuries he may get along the way.

We could all learn from that guy. Not just for life in general, or in our relationship with God—keep on going when the going gets rough—but keep stretching towards the goal of your dreams, despite what may be holding you back. It may not be a twisted ankle, but it could be a rejection. It may not be a pulled muscle, but it could be discouraging words from someone who has told you that you’ll never reach the finish line. (Continue reading)

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