Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday's Thought: Should Every Writer Own a Blog?

This month marks the third year anniversary for the launch of my blog. I personally have really enjoyed owning a bloghaving a place to post devotions, writing tips, book reviews, well as meeting all of you guys. Before my blog days, I didn't really have an outlet to share with others the things that God has shown me, neither was I able to discuss writing with anyone without boring them to death. I have noticed that blogging consistently can be great practice for writing, and it is also a great way to share and publish your work. One advantage that aspiring authors can gain through blogging is building a readership. I have met several new authors through blogging, and I know that it will be a great tool for promoting my debut novel when it releases this spring. 

However, many authorsas well as aspiring authorsdo not own a blog for several reasons. One, they may not have time. This is understandable, especially since blogging can be quite time-consuming and often just becomes procrastination-practice rather than writing-practice. Some authors do not see any use in owning a blog and do not believe that their books' sales would increase if they did own one. This can be true, especially since the majority of an author's readers do not come through blogs but rather through word-of-mouth or by reading reviews online. You can always gain a readership through social media outlets as well, such as Twitter and Facebook. Many authorsincluding best-selling authorsare doing just fine selling their novels without having to own a blog. Although I personally believe that writers should own a blog and that it can help bring buzz to your books, it may just not be for every writer.

What do you think? Should every aspiring author own a blog? What are some advantages you've gained through owning a blog as a writer?

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  1. Blogging has been a great writing practise for me amongst other things. I've learnt quite a bit from other blogs (such as yours) on writing. I've actually also grown spiritually through other people's blogs! I'm glad those people chose to share their knowledge through blogging.

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