Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's God Doing In Your Life? ~ Katelyn's Story

Learning to Ask for Grace

Hey! My name is Katelyn. I’m a twenty-year-old junior in college. I’m pursuing a career in trauma therapy mission work. I’m an extrovert, a big dreamer, a new believer in love, a music guru, and a coffee connoisseur.

I wish I could explain the depths of what God has done in my life lately, but I’m daily learning how He moves.

I’m in a place now where I can feel God’s presence daily in my life. We’ve been so in tune lately.
I was in a two-year rollercoaster of heartbreak and healing (with extra rinses and repeats.) I was so deeply hurt. Even when I was happy, I had this pocket of pain and fear in my heart. I felt like my depression was a bottomless valley that I would never have the strength to climb out of.

God, however, has immeasurable strength.

I reached a point over the summer where I completely surrendered to God. I laid all my pain and fear at His feet, and asked Him to heal me so that I could be a better servant for Him.

After a month of endless nights, in the weight of the struggle, I woke up to a new life.

I woke up to a heart empty of pain and fear, and full of love and peace. It felt almost as if anything else was foreign. I was new. I was whole. I was free.

I could end here and tell you that was all He’s done for me lately, but it simply isn’t. With this new life, came new maturity. I started understanding that, on my own, I am inadequate. I’m a flawed human being that was showed grace and love.

So, I’ve started daily asking for grace. It is such a simple task that fills my life with so much joy. It’s as if I daily ask God to personally walk with me as I make my way on this journey. I know He does anyway, but I know He loves being invited into my life.

Grace has taught me the meaning of God’s love, the use of pain, and the strength of those two united.

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  1. God is simply awesome and His mercies are new every morning. Thanks for sharing Katelyn. I am encouraged!

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