Saturday, June 16, 2012

In The Midst Of Worship

Churches have changed quite a bit over the past decade. Which is great, of course. But one thing that does bother me about this change is how the worship services have shifted a bit in some churches. It often seems a little more like a concert than anything. And I'm not talking about the loud music or the awesome lights, but just the fact that everything is so scheduled and rehearsed rather than simply allowing the Spirit of God as he wishes. It's almost like watching a short little Christian concert just before the pastor comes up.

This month, my boyfriend decided to turn his college ministry, Scope, into a worship service gathering that meets once a week. We've only had three meetings, but so far, they've been amazing. Despite the small amount of people that have showed up.

(Praying before the first worship service of Scope)

Why did he decide to make Scope into a worship gathering? Because, worship is the time when we are changed drastically. It's when we set our eyes on God, forgetting what's around. It's when our spiritual eyes are open, when it's just you and your Father. You can't experience his presence and deny that His existence, nor can you
just "imagine" his presence, his healing love, his overwhelming sense of peace. Because it's nothing of this world.

One of my favorite verses on worship is Psalm 84:10~

"Better is one day in your courts than a thousands elsewhere."

This message translation gives a good visual of this verse, stating that~

"One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship, beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches."

It's during then, during that time of worship when we realize just how tiny our life here on earth is, and how it's not and never was about us but entirely for Him.
In his presence is when we receive strength to face each day. And it should not be just a once-a-week thing, but every moment of every day we should be worshipping our Father, studying His Word, and living our life to reflect His glory.

We experience oneness with our Father, a spiritual cleansing and renewing, the moment we allow him to take over during worship.
That very moment when we lay our burdens down at his feet and he replaces them with his grace, his love, his mercy, his peace. And it's then, only in the midst of worship, when we are truly changed.


  1. Definitely liked it. It is so true. I like the old music where everybody sings cause they know it. Half the services I attend the only ones you hear singing are the band. I know we are to make a joyful noise onto the Lord, but I really like music when the people all sing. Some of the songs at the Conference started weak, but as the Conference progressed so did the singing. There has to be someone in control, but I like it when it seems spontaneous and you can sense the presence of the Lord. It is nice I have a Bible at church cause sometimes I just have to start reading an be alone with God. Sounds bad but it gives me peace. Thanks for sharing. I get to go to my Granddaughters baptism tomorrow. That makes it 5 out of 7. Lord willing before I leave it will be 7 for 7. Three of the them were baptized 40 years to the day from the day I was baptized. A weird but wonderful coincidence. Keep at it. Turtle <><

    1. When it comes to worshiping God I'm really not picky at the type of style - e.g. hymns, contemporary rock, etc. The only thing that bothers me is when it's lacking God's presence because the worship band is playing to give glory to themselves rather than to God. I think it is nice that you read the Bible during worship to be alone with Him. It puts that time in perspective I think. And that's a very awesome coincidence that the three of them were baptized 40 years from the day you were! Definitely a God-coincidence. =)

      God bless!

  2. It's so sad when people lose that heart for worship and it's more about entertainment. Thank you for speaking up, because this is really happening in today's churches.

    1. Yes it is! It really bothers me too because it makes it seem as if the entire church is only for show rather than to lead non-believers to Christ as well as being there to help the believers grow in their faith. Church should be about Him only and not about ourselves.

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