Friday, May 11, 2012

Writer's Inspiration

"Some of the hardest writing I've had to do
has taken me back to things I didn't want to relive
But God can take the worst in your life
and use it to his good purposes."
~Francine Rivers

"God is... helping them to see beyond the shallow caricature of Christianity
to a real God who loves them and will use any means possible
to break through their intellectual defenses 
and help them understand the love of Christ.
Often he uses friends or sermons or circumstances.
But sometimes he uses stories."
~Randy Singer

"One other practice I've begun through my writing life includes prayer.
I often read poems, reread favorite prayers, find solace in the Psalms, 
and quiet my heart before I begin writing 
so that I can truly enter and live my story. 
I want desperately to put aside the 'me' of the writing 
and allow God to speak through me 
those words he wishes other to receive."
~Jane Kirkpatrick

"For a writer, words are like daubs of color 
on a painter's palette or notes on a musician's staff.
The right words, strung together in just the right order,
become powerful tools in the hands of a skilled artist."
~Deborah Raney

"Herein lies the most important truth of all:
what you accomplish as a writer is between you and God. 
If we don't care for the tools he's given us, 
we can't expect to follow his calling. 
If we are faithful in all aspects of the calling, 
then he will take care of what follows."
~Janelle Clare Schneider

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