Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keep Moving Forward

It's 2012.
The year I graduate high school and start college. The year my first book is scheduled to release.

I have a feeling this year is going to bring my changes into my life. And to be honest, I'm a bit - actually, way more excited about my first book getting published than I am about graduating high school. The day I receive my copies of Purple Moon in the mail is going to be so surreal for me... it's what I've been dreaming of for years. And it's actually going to come true!

Every new year, I try seeing where it is I want to be, where it is that I'm going. And where I've been.

Right now, I'm sort of in between the two. Literally. In between my past, and getting ready for my future. Graduation. The official start of my writing career.

Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed or intimidated at the size of your goal. Ever since I was very young I wanted to get published early in life. I had a lot of faith as a kid, so I don't think I realized how unlikely it really was. But with God's help, the dream is coming true.

Think about a car. If it's not going forward, then it's either staying still or moving backwards. It's the same with us. We must keep our eyes focused on the goal ahead. Whether it's an addiction you're trying to get rid of, a level you're trying to reach in a relationship (including your relationship with God), or a dream you're trying to achieve. Yes, we may become tired, impatient, have doubts. But remind yourself that God is with you and can help you. No, it may not come easy or quickly, but as long as you keep taking the necessary steps and focus on Jesus, you will reach your destination in God's timing.

It's not easy reaching for a dream. At all. And it takes way longer than you had anticipated, too. But what I've learned is this: if God has placed the desire in your heart, you will get there. As long as you keep moving forward.


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation AND book release. You do have an exciting year ahead! I hope it's everything you've imagined and more.

  2. Hi ! :) Congratulations on your book and graduation! :D Thanks for all the inspiration your writing has brought me and looking forward to more.
    God bless!
    -pixiesnstardust (twitter)

  3. I feel like this post was written for me. Thank you, Tessa!


  4. Awesome post -- this was a great inspiration/ motivator for the new year and everything it might be able to offer.

    Congrats on your gradutation -- and, more importantly, the release of *Purple Moon*. That's insanely exciting!

  5. Congrats on your book and graduation!! I'll have to see if I can nab a copy when it's released...:)

  6. Thank you for this post and the encouragement to trust God for dreams to come true! I'm excited about your dreams coming true this year! Can't wait for your book to come out! ;)


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