Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Homeschooling & It’s Benefits For Young Writers: “The Destiny Of One” by Sarah Holman Blog Tour

If you’ve been reading my blog previously then you probably already know why I believe that teen/young writers should not feel like they have to “wait” to pursue their dreams, even if this means missing out on their high school experience. And for most teen authors, this is a sacrifice that they have had to make. Sure, there are those who perhaps could publish a book as a teen without having to homeschool. But why is it that most teen authors are, in fact, homeschooled? Perhaps it’s because of the many benefits that homeschooling provides, like being able to have a flexible schedule. There are also advantages such as getting to work at a coffee shop, library, book store, etc. Homeschooling has worked for every teen/young author that I’ve come in contact with, including Sarah Holman. She’s a homeschool graduate whose Christian fiction novel, The Destiny Of One, has been recently self-published. View the trailer to her debut novel below.

Though this is Sarah’s first book, she has been writing for years. Her articles have been seen in many different magazines, including Homeschool Enrichment, His Wonders, The Kings Blooming Rose and more. She also posts regularly on her blogs The Destiny of One and Meditations of His Love. She is a homeschool graduate and lives in central Texas. When not pursuing her passion of writing, she can be found taking long walks, reading, sewing or spending time with her family.

Be sure to order The Destiny Of One by clicking here. Want to know where The Destiny of One Blog Tour will be next? Click here.

If you’re also a homeschooled teen writer,
in what ways has homeschooling benefited you
in pursuing this craft? Have you had to sacrifice anything by doing so? Why do you think that the majority of teen authors are homeschooled?


  1. I'm a homeschooled teen. I have been for about 7 years now I think. I absolutely love it! I wouldn't have it any other way. It does give me the flexibility to do extra things that I probably wouldn't have in public/private school like pursuing my music and writing. But there are many other reasons I love homeschooling.

    Are you homeschooled, Tessa?


  2. Yes I am, & absolutely love it =) I'm a junior and have been homeschooling since my freshman year to pursue writing and acting. It's definitely been worth having to give up the "high school experience", even though I'm considering going back next year just so I can graduate with a class. But I love it and most likely wouldn't be having a book published next spring if it weren't for homeschooling. =)

  3. In the fall, I will be homeschooling both of my children. I know there are pros and cons to home vs. public school but I am doing what God has called me to do and am excited to see what my kids will have in store for them. :O)

  4. I'm homeschooled. Have been my whole life. Even before I wanted to write. I think it gives me more time, and a freedom to do things like, write with my parents full support. I haven't had to give up anything. Or I don't know what I'm missing!
    I have no clue why teen authors follow that trend but I'm sure there's a good reason!

  5. I've been homeschooled for my whole life too, as have my two brothers and four sisters. I think that, in my life at least, homeschooling allows me to choose to write. My mum also loves to write, so she's very supportive. I think that part of the reason that teen authors tend to be homeschooled is that they have far less pressure on them. It's not like you're at school until four thirty, then have homework and assignments to do (although I do know that some homeschoolers work like that too.) Anyway, that's my pennyworth.
    Oh, and thanks for following my blog. I was so surprised and pleased to see you had followed.


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