Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rejection Before Resurrection, Rain Before Blossom

Jesus knew what was about to come. He was about to face the worst rejection and pain a man could face. He knew it would be unbearable, but he also knew that it had to be done. Sure, he could have called on his Father to come and stop everything from taking place. He could’ve called on angels to come and save him. But he knew that the only way to be raised from the dead was first to die. It was worth it to him. How horrible would it have been if Jesus just decided to give up to avoid and put an end to all of the rejection and persecution?

But he trusted God completely. He had faith that this wasn't the end, but rather a new beginning was yet to come—one night of rain would turn into years and years of blossom. He pressed on through the pain. Through the hurt. Through the rejection caused by his own children.

Why is it that we don’t have the same perspective that Jesus did when we go through trials of pain and rejection in our own lives? Our society has gotten so accustomed to giving up. We've allowed ourselves to become spoiled, wanting only what we want and when we want it. The word "patience" has vanished from our vocabulary. We tend to assume that if pain is involved then it must not be meant to be—if we aren’t there yet then that must mean we’ll never get there. That’s what Satan wants us to believe. But that’s not what God wants us to believe.

“When you go through persecution and rejection, it’s not always because somebody has it in for you. Sometimes, that’s God’s way of directing you to his perfect will. When we [focus on what didn’t work out], we inhibit the opening of new doors. When one door closes, if you keep the right attitude, God will open a new door… keep pressing forward… you may not understand it, but trust God and move on with your life. Don’t look at it as the end. Look at is as a new beginning… He has something better in store… Give birth to what God has placed on your heart… Let God do a new thing.”

~ Joel Osteen

It’s not just a coincidence that we celebrate Christ's resurrection during this season. Be determined to keep pressing forward toward your dream like He did, remembering that the beauty of spring cannot be reached until you have gone through the cold of winter.


Why do you think our culture tends to give up so easily?
Have you ever felt like giving up after being rejection
during the process of reaching towards your dreams?
Why do you think that God allows for trials to happen
before we finally reach a season of blossom?


  1. Aw, soo true! Thank you so so much for writing and sharing this!! I love it!

  2. I believe God is working within us when he gives us trials preparing us for what He wants us to do next during our life here, before we go Home to Him. Our culture is full of 'quick fixes' but, like a crash diet, they don't work!

  3. Thank you so much. I needed that :)

  4. Amen, Amen to this post. I often wonder the same thing.
    I personally think the trials before letting us blossom normally matures us and brings us closer to him if we truly love and want to serve him. He is a wonderful Savior.

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  6. Wow, beautifully said. I especially appreciate reading this at Easter time. Thanks so much for the inspiration. When I think back to what Jesus went through, any pain or problems I experience are small in comparison.

  7. Mary: I also think trials help to mature us and nurture our relationship with Christ, which is one of the reasons why he allows us to go through them during certain seasons.

    Nelson Souzza: Thank you very much!

    Marika xoxo: Thanks! =) I'm following you now as well. God bless

    Julie Musil: That's one of the many reasons why I love Easter - it reminds me that if Jesus could go through all of the pain and suffering he went through and still come out alive (literally), then I can also go through these small challenges. One of the things I cannot stand is when a Christian blames God and is mad at Him for allowing them to go through hard times. We have to always remember the cross... Jesus could have been angry at God that He was allowing for this to happen, but he remembered how important it was for it to be done and knew that he was going through the pain for God's glory. We should always keep the same attitude, no matter what happens in our lives.


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