Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Review: "Me, Just Different" by Stephanie Morrill

This year I've decided to include book review as apart of my blog. The reason I haven't yet is because, first of all, there are so many other book review blogs out there. Why would anyone want my opinion? And that's the other reason that I haven't... it's just an opinion. Right? Everyone has a different taste in books that they enjoy or don't really care for.

For this reason I'm going to to post my reviews a little bit differently. Instead of creating another summary of the novel in my words, I'll post the back cover blurb, what I liked about the book, what I disliked about the book, and final comments. Every book has it's pros and cons, and I will be reviewing from my point of view - based on my opinions, my taste, and the author's writing style.

The first novel I'm going to review is "Me, Just Different" by Stephanie Morrill, the first book in the "Skylar Hoyt" series.

Back Cover Blurb:

"Getting a fresh start is harder than it looks. Skylar Hoyt is a girl who seems to have it all--she's pretty, popular, and has a great-looking boyfriend. Her senior year should be the best one yet. But a horrible experience at a summer party has changed everything. Now she's vowing to make better choices, including going back to church. But as Skylar tries to gain new perspective on life, the world as she knows it begins to fall apart. Her parents are constantly fighting. Her younger sister has a big secret that Skylar is forced to keep. The guy she's dating is annoyingly jealous. And the new guy down the street is just plain annoying. In the midst of the chaos, Skylar starts to wonder who her real friends are and, even more importantly, who she is."

What I liked:

I love how this story weaves real-teen issues into it's content, which is what many YA Christian fiction books lack. It also wasn't too in-your-face preachy, and the spiritual side of it seemed real, not at all cheesy. I think the message is one that could relate to many teens. You could also tell that the author is very in tuned with the teenage lifestyle today. The pace of the story was nice, and the writing style was a fairly easy read.

Final Comments:

I would love to read the rest of this series, because I did like this book and would recommend it, especially if you're a fan of YA Christian chick-flicks. Although the plot was very similar to other high-school-drama novels, I liked how the author seemed to understand the spiritual side to personal teenage issues such as pregnancy, rape, alcoholism, etc.

Have any of you read "Me, Just Different"?
What did you think about the plot, the themes that it portrayed, the writing style, etc.?
Would you recommend this book as well?

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good book! I'll have to borrow it from the library and read it.

  2. It's a really good book, and I've heard that the next two in the series are actually better!

    Thanks for commenting. =)


  3. I liked it, though I can't really remember it was so long ago -- I'll have to re-read it! The other two are pretty great -- So Over It, #3 -- is my favourite :)
    I love your header, it's gorgeously creatively cool!

  4. I loved the review!! I totally think you should do more :) I'm deff going to read it!!
    Much Love♥

  5. Kinga: You should! I couldn't put it down the entire day I read it.

    Emii: I've heard that the other two books in the series are even better than the first! I'll definitely have to read them. And thanks! My cousin made it for me. =)

    Anna: Thank you! I'm glad to hear that. I think I will start posting book reviews regularly. =)


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