Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday's Thought: What's Your Opinion On Critique Groups?

Joining a critique group can be a big step in a writer's life. It forces you to step out of your writing den, ready to receive feedback on your manuscript from people other than your loved ones. By doing this, you as a writer are honing your craft while helping to strengthen the writing flaws of others as well.

I have yet to join a critique group myself, but I think critique groups are a great way to step out of your comfort zone, meet other writers, etc. By editing other manuscripts, you'll be able to look at your own manuscript with a critical eye also. The only con that I have been warned about isthat of 'critique group dependency'. By depending on your critique group too much, you are in risk of losing your voice and possibly the essence of the entire story. There is also possible danger when a writer is told wrong advice from a member of the critique group -the blind leading the blind. However, I believe that critique groups can be very beneficial and fun if a writer is aware of the cons and careful about which advice they will accept.

What is your opinion of critique groups?
Have you ever joined one, or are you currently a part of one?
What are your favorite things and least favorite things about critique groups?


  1. I am in one and I love it. When you have each other's best interest and do it in love it is very beneficial! :O)

  2. Something that is really hard is to stay balanced. In my writing club, it seems like everyone wants to talk about their own stuff, and not about anyone else''s also really hard to stay on track, so you need a strong leader to keep the conversation from going off on little rabbit trails :D

    So those are the downsides - but I do really love my group. :)

  3. I'm in a great critique group. I've learned more from them than any blog, book, etc.

    The only downside is deciding which critiques to use. Sometimes, only one comment is made on something. Or the group is divided on a section...change it...don't change just kind of have to trust God to show you what to shed and what to keep.


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