Saturday, April 24, 2010

Devotion: Another Love Dare

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that God is our God.

Of course he is.

Even Satan knows that.

But knowing that God is God, attending church services, and praying when something goes wrong isn’t what being a Christian is all about. Let’s say you have a best friend – a true friend – that goes everywhere with you. This friend loves you more than you know, and constantly tells you this but you just keep on ignoring him because you are too busy to talk to him. What if he wrote a long letter to you that explained how much he loves and cares for you and how he will always be there for you even when you don't notice. Not only that, but this letter contains all the answers that you’ll ever need to know in life. It contains promises for your future.

This letter is not your normal love letter, but a letter that has life breathed into it.

Why would you ever want to keep this letter crumpled and scratched up in the corner of your bookshelf, never opening it to read it's contents? Is this what you would do with a love letter written specifically to you?

I don’t think so. And why would you ignore this friendship and love for you?

This is exactly how it is with God.

We push Him aside in our busy schedules and let our selfishness run our lives. We’re only hurting ourselves. We need to stop making excuses to God. Sure, He’ll always love us even if we do ignore Him. But why on earth would you want to do that? God has an amazing future planned for you, so why would you want to let Him become only a small part of your life? We need to alllow Him to become our everything.

We can’t fit our awesome God into just a few hours, a couple of days a week. He's too big for that.

I dare you to get to know the friend that is always with you and loves you no matter how awful you treat him. I dare you to read the love letter that is scratched and dusty, hidden and ignored in the back of your bookshelf that He wrote to you thousands of years before you were born.

Turn your Sunday religion into a true, eternal relationship. Experience everlasting love with the creator of the universe and get to know Him better.

He wants you to invite Him into your heart.

Will you open the door?


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  1. It is amazing how easy it is to ignore Someone who is right beside you all the time!

  2. Great post!!! And you won my create a character contest. :)

  3. Terrific post that lines up with the sermon my pastor gave this morning and the media message, too: if Christ isn't the essence of our everything, why are we so busy with anything else??

  4. In our busyness ironically, life is taken away from us. To remember His love each and every moment, keeps us connected to all that really matters. Beautiful and insightful piece, Tessa.


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