Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writer's Inspiration for NaNoWriMo

Face it: Writing a 50,000 words within a month isn't easy. There might come a time when you've hit a writer's block, or times when you just feel drained. As if it takes every bit of effort just to open that Microsoft Word document.

But sometimes, all we need is a little dose of inspiration to stir our passion and get us back to typing again. And what better way to do that than to remember all the reasons why we love to write?

Olivander via photopin cc
"The beautiful part of writing
 is that you don’t have to get it right the first time,
unlike, say, a brain surgeon." 
~Robert Cormier

HaoJan via photopin cc
"If you stuff yourself full of poems, essays, plays, stories,
novels, films, comic strips, magazines, music,
you automatically explode every morning like Old Faithful.
I have never had a dry spell in my life,
mainly because I feed myself well, to the point of bursting.
I wake early and hear my morning voices
leaping around in my head like jumping beans.
I get out of bed quickly,
to trap them before they escape."
~Ray Bradbury

hawkexpress via photopin cc
"Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile
initially scared me to death."
~Betty Bender

rachel_titiriga via photopin cc
“Don't worry about what you're writing
or whether it's good
or even whether it makes sense.” 
~Lauren Oliver

Dia™ via photopin cc
"Writing is a form of therapy;
sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint
can manage to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic fear
which is inherent in a human situation." 
~Graham Greene

nic519 via photopin cc
"And by the way,
everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it,
and the imagination to improvise.
The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." 
~Sylvia Plath

KatieKrueger via photopin cc
"The trick to writer's block is to sack up and write through it, you see." 
~Jeph Jacques

Dennis' Photography via photopin cc
"All worthy work is open to interpretations
the author did not intend.
Art isn't your pet--it's your kid.
It grows up and talks back to you." 
~Joss Whedon

visualpani via photopin cc
"Writing is a job, a talent,
but it's also the place to go in your head.
It is the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon." 
~Ann Patchet

ed_needs_a_bicycle via photopin cc
"Every first draft is perfect,
because all a first draft has to do is exist." 
~Jane Smiley

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  1. I love those quotes! I have several writing quotes on my corkboard to inspire me through November. :) I'm a little behind today's word count, but there's a good few hours left in the day, so I'll be fine. Thanks for this post!

    God bless!

    1. That's awesome! I've been meaning to print out writing quotes to put in my room also. I never seem to get around to it.

      By the way, your prize pack should arrive by the end of next week I think!

    2. Ah, you should! It helps me get through Writer's Block. :)

      Oh wonderful! Thank you. I hope it didn't cost too much to send due to me living so far away!

  2. My favorite is the one by Joss Whedon. Hehe.


  3. Oh, I love the Jane Smiley quote. I find drafting so terrifying. I'd much rather work with something than nothing. Keeping this one to think about ...and share at my blog. Thanks, Tessa!

  4. They're all great quotes! I am living NaNo twice this year - as myself, and as my main character who is a remarkable 11 year old writer, Micah. The Joss Whedon quote would speak to her. I like the ones by Robert Cormier and Ray Bradbury the most. Thanks!

    1. That's awesome! Those are both great quotes. I especially love the one by Robert Cormier. =)


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