Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finding Time, Creating Space

Be honest with yourself: It isn't easy trying to find time to write. Especially in the summer as a teenager when you're out of school and you'd much prefer hanging out with your friends rather than sitting at the computer by yourself for hours. I hate to admit that I haven't squeezed in as much time to write this summer as I had planned. Considering that school is now starting back, I've decided to really focus on writing... so I've created a 'space'. In a small corner of my room a deep pink suede chaise lounge chair is set up with a laptop tray hovering over it. A floor lamp is behind the chair and a small end table for my coffee is next to it. And so far, this "space" has helped. I've always been told that having an area in your house that is away from every one else so you can more easily discipline yourself to write is really helpful. Being in a place that is inspirational and personal is also helpful in allowing your creative juices to flow. Not to mention, it's fun creating a writing area just for you!

So how do you get started in creating this space? What are some ways to make it personal and distraction-free?

Here are a few tips on creating a space:
  • Eliminate distractions. Do you often find yourself singing along to the words of a song rather than focusing on the words to your story? Turn off the music. Are you one who tends to people-watch out of your window? Keep the blinds closed. Do you sometimes catch yourself checking your social networks when you get bored with writing? Use a notebook instead of a laptop. Discipline isn't easy to do, but it's simple. And I don't think it's possible to establish your dream publishing career by checking your Facebook every five minutes.
  • Add inspiration. If listening to music helps to add a little inspiration to what you're writing, then make sure to have relaxing (inspiring) music near you. If having a window near your "writing space" helps to inspire you, then make sure to set up your "space" near a window. You could also add a few more inspirational "tools", such as: candles, photography, scriptures/quotes, your favorite colors, etc. Adding small touches that relax the senses can also be very inspiring tools. Visual tools such as photography, scriptures/quotes, your favorite colors and even scented candles for atmosphere and an exhilarating scent. A cold drink, steamy coffee or tea, or your favorite gum could also relax you and set the mood for creativity.
  • Take away anything that holds you back from writing, and add whatever you need to help the ideas to come to you more freely. Make sure that your writing space is "you" and that it matches your personality. It should be comfortable, cozy, and quiet. :)
Finding time is a little more difficult than creating a space. When you're not in a "writing-mood", there will always be endless excuses explaining why you cannot write at the moment. That's why it may work best to create a schedule, so that way you won't have to make excuses any more.

Here are a few tips on trying to find time to write:
  • Make yourself write for a certain amount of time a day, or plan to write a certain amount of words each day. Creating a habit like this will get easier, and pretty soon you will find yourself more easily inspired during your planned writing time. You could also create long-term goals, such as reaching a planned word count by a certain day.
  • Reward yourself after you've done your writing for the day, not before. Rewards can be as simple as something chocolate or even a homemade frappucino. But make sure that your breaks aren't dragged out too long.
  • Take away anything on your schedule that's pointless, and replace it with writing. Remember, making excuses is easy and finding time to write is hard, but very important if you want to be published some day.

How do you find time to write? What's your "writing space" like?


  1. a very good idea. currently i don't have a writing space, but maybe i will create one. :)

  2. very good tips! thanks for sharing, darling! :)

  3. I have a cozy nook to sit in at my own desktop, which is very conducive to writing - especially during November and National Novel Writing Month. Cups of tea are lovely inspiration, even if I don't actually manage to drink it!

  4. Great post! My 'space' is a desk in my bedroom. I have a bulletin board filled with quotes, Bible verses, and pictures that inspire me, all of my writing self-help books stacked on the back of my desk, a comfortable chair, and good lighting. It works for me :)

    As for finding the time, I've discovered that we make time for the things we want. We make time for our relationship with God and our friends and family if it's important to us. We make time for our jobs/education and health if it's important. If writing is important, we have to make time for that, too.

  5. Great post, Tessa. Space is so important.

    My writing room has been temporarily turned into a nursery. Instead of the sounds of pencil on paper and my fingers clicking on a keyboard, I hear my infant son cooing. It's wonderful... But I am quickly realizing that I need to reclaim a writing space. Even a small corner would suffice.

    Blessings to you!


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